Zombies Vs The Most Secure Minecraft House

2022 ж. 20 Там.
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Tonight There is going to be a Zombie APOCALYPSE and we have until night fall to DEFEND our house!!
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  • What trap was the best?!

  • I think it’s the self destruct trap because it blew up all the zombies after they infected omz and kory’s whole house.

    Hawkins KidsHawkins Kids
  • I was just crying about my grandma and you cheered me up❤ thank you so much😊😌😊

    Emarie RoseEmarie Rose
  • Let’s all appreciate the effort he makes in his videos just so we don’t miss anything and to keep us happy

    lucky and devlucky and dev
  • To everyone reading this: I wish you the best that life can give you!

    Roblox AnimationRoblox Animation
  • omz is like a 7 year old that knows everything and koryin is like his little brother who follows his brother.

    Lan ZhangLan Zhang
  • Me: trying to bridge

  • A house is not truly a house until you put stuff in it😂😂😂😂😂

    Billy MckenzieBilly Mckenzie
  • Amazing!

    Fiona YeeFiona Yee
  • I love your videos please make more😊

    Tiffany LakatosTiffany Lakatos
  • I love your videos omz

  • I love your channel and you always make my day

    Sam RushtonSam Rushton
  • This is like the first time you worked with kory to do something

  • “It’s not a mistake ✨IT’S A MASTERPIECE✨

    Super KEMSuper KEM
  • I'm so glad you make these kind of videos it brings nostalgia

    Fribe gamingFribe gaming
  • Finally you and Kory have an alliance

    Jellylaita cubing boyJellylaita cubing boy
  • I loved how u made a trap but it's look like a tutorial to how to make a shield on your house ! 💓`~|🌷

  • Omz, what app do you use for recording

    ~ Lucifer ~~ Lucifer ~
  • I love ur videos ur amazing

    •Sxft Max••Sxft Max•
  • That one tnt without redstone be like