Why I Got Banned On My School's Minecraft Server...

2021 ж. 24 Қар.
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Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server... This was insane!

In this minecraft video, I explain Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server. I did not do this on the Lifesteal SMP, also known as the deadliest minecraft server to exist, rather I did this on my school’s minecraft server / SMP. This is similar to Parrot or ParrotX2 on the school SMP series where he started a war or ended a war or when I was Clutching my school’s unfair bedwars tournament

Recently my school started a Minecraft Server / SMP. Today I decided to pull a Linus Studios / Leowook and started a war

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Uncertainty by Arthur Vyncke under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
Silent And Grey by Cjbeards under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Second Chance by yoitrax under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

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  • This is an amazing story! You could be an author with how you phrased the words :D Can't wait for part 2! :>

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  • axe is much stronger than sword if you jump and attack it deal more damage WHY YOU USE THAT UGLY USELESS SWORD

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  • Dream:joining Everyone:DREAM Dream:im on their team

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  • I hate Admin abusers they suck at Minecraft

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  • Y’all need to subscribe cuz you may see some familiar faces in part 2

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  • Part 2 Make a alt acc then join the school server Then act as a new guy and start from scratch and have peace forever SALUT! RESPECC! Nice job!

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  • That was an entire movie in 14 minutes

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  • Everyone hates the feeling that when they die with enchanted netherite armor..

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  • they just suck at the game tht is why they use creative

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    • 11:08 cjbeards silent and grey So underrated

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  • *Really* *School Server* *Which School I am In*

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  • imagine cheating as the server admin to kill everyone... Respect roshamb!

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  • You know this happened with me in real

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  • i wish there was a way to lock console and have nobody owner while also keeping the server safe

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  • No one cares get off the internet

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  • u can buy an unban LMAO

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  • This is the ultimate redemption story... STAY TUNED

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  • 11:08 cjbeards silent and grey So underrated

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  • Funny how minecraft seems to be the best war simulator without even trying

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  • Fire aspect can't be paired with Looting without mods or extreme luck with a skeleton horse trap (which was removed in 1.17). This shows not only admin abuse, but also silent modifications to the game's dev files, meaning that the person or people with access to those file groups could implant spyware onto everyone's computer under the disguise of a "bug fix plugin". The admin could actually commit identity theft if they wanted to. Please be VERY VERY FUCKING CAREFUL.

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    • I’m not making fun of him just thought it was funny

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  • Mate literally beat an admin and make him lose the operator

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  • This reminds me of minecraft story mode the ending said to be continued the music and having 1 more loose end to tie up. Love ur vids man!!

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  • Schools have “Minecraft” dedicated servers? No wonder….

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  • I dislike this video.

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  • You have admin power but why use admin if you can do anything?

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  • Fake story.

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  • What’s the music on 11:07?

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  • nobody gonna talk about how the amount of players allowed in the server is 69420?

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  • 1:14 “breakawaky”

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  • the creeper blew up because if any mob collides with you while invise it will be aware of you again

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  • question was eze or the other admin like a teacher or somethin idk

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  • This is so unfair ppl framed him for blowing up their builds multiple times and he framed someone else once, but he got banned?!

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  • He has too much power, never give a person to much power

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  • Epicness

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