When Everything Goes Wrong | Fails Compilation

2022 ж. 13 Қыр.
16 674 538 Рет қаралды

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  • That mom calling her husband and daughter idiots for not “helping her” or in other words for not stopping her is super toxic.

    Rob SydRob Syd
  • Famous last words...."Hopefully it's not hollow and we fall through." I laughed hard at that one! 😂

    Snikker RSnikker R
  • 22:40

  • Love how the moms calling them the idiots for not helping her sooner take literally zero responsibility for her own actions

    Max MahoneyMax Mahoney
  • 12:11

    dilik mlidilik mli
  • goodness, literally EVERYONE was harmed this time

    Jon BJon B
  • I've no idea why the guys in the last clip acted so worried; their buddy was completely safe.

    Lateral TwitlerLateral Twitler
  • 22:50

  • The way the guy picked the ice cream up “I got this!” Had me laughing so hard.

    Noah MartinNoah Martin
  • @

  • Seeing the girl at

    Lue ChangLue Chang
  • 17:42

    Brian DanielsBrian Daniels
  • Gets arm stuck, calls everyone else idiots and actually gets mad at them. Imagine being married to someone so toxic.

    greenscreen 33greenscreen 33
  • The little "help"from the wasabi kid almost broke my heart. You get that kiddo some chocolate milk

    Incredulous DIncredulous D
  • Imagine having to explain to your insurance agent, "I was just riding along on my motorcycle and this cow just came out of nowhere!"

  • 0:09

    Burger CroissantBurger Croissant
  • Honestly this channel has been making me laugh for over a decade - thanks for the hard work you guys put into these videos :)

  • I feel so bad for the kid who took the garage door out, I cant imagine how he felt then xD

    Jeremy PhilipsJeremy Philips
  • 5:28

  • 11:31

    aliss lioualiss liou