2020 ж. 25 Мам.
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  • Being able to sing is one thing, having stage presence is another.

    @ryanhamans3898@ryanhamans3898 Жыл бұрын
  • when you get simon cowell singing along with you you know you've made it 🙌

  • The first girl singing in front of the original singer The confidence and the voice just amazing. The guy who sang wiggle really had every single person dancing and even got the announcers amd the judges on to the stage that's talent.

    @aakifahdool1149@aakifahdool1149 Жыл бұрын
  • Rock singers should be recognized more, their voices go through so much. Their energy is technically from their soul- and the presence they bring lights up the whole room.

  • the third one must have been INSANE to see live, the energy she so clearly filled the room with immediately was incredible.

  • The woman singing Zombie was hands down the best audition I've seen in a very long time. On pitch, such a powerful voice and great presence, absolutely killing it.

  • Well let's be realistic, not every singers here have an impressive voice, but their presence on stage made the difference

    @gabrielfabiano3797@gabrielfabiano3797 Жыл бұрын
  • Ok but the girl singing taki taki just took over the stage. She owned it OMG

  • 0:01

  • girl who did zombie…lord she is the embodiment of delivering the energy and having an amazing performance. and to those who’ll say “she sounds awful! she’s just screaming! she’s shouting!” she’s using a technique called vocal fry which gives her the rasp. she has excellent control of it especially with the high notes which are harder to do with the fry incorporated. a vocal fry can be very damaging if not done correctly and it’s very difficult to fully master. AND she was jumping and dancing around which takes a lot of breath. the amount of BREATH CONTROL that she has is impeccable. it’s also very hard to hit those notes in a full chest voice/belt and she did it flawlessly. PLUS it’s not her native language. she isn’t a pop singer so stop judging her like she is one. she is an embodiment of female rock vocalist.

  • Jamie Archer's performances still give me the goosebumps even after all these years! One of the best performances I've ever seen! Hands down!

  • The girl who sings Loca is not only impressing the audience but also it's original singer what an energy level 👏

  • One word: PRESENCE. All these performers have tons of it. It's not about singing, it's about owning the stage and the audience.

    @GoatMee@GoatMee Жыл бұрын
  • Monique's Loca loca is actually one of my most favorite auditions from The Voice.

    @eribelleunnievlogs5487@eribelleunnievlogs5487 Жыл бұрын
  • It's crazy how these artists can project energy that elevates the song to next level 🔥

  • #1 she’s good and Shakira loved her #2 I can see the dollar signs in Simon’s eyes on the second singer, #3 kicked ass, so awesome #4 group of ladies, they rocked Bam bam #5 Despacito, lots of charisma and good singer #6 Switch! he got that crowd going, great performance! #7 damn that kid is good! #8 girl got voice and moves #9 hair, check, voice, check, 80’s metal moves, check, video coverage of body moves, check…amazing performance….that’s all folks!

  • I don't know what you guys think, but Jamie Archer's (the second one) performance brings back so much of nostalgia. Cannot put it in words, it's feels very own. May be because it's 12 years old, it's like our childhood comes back everytime I watch this performance.

  • Jamie's performance not only was superb but he's so natural and confident you think he was born on a stage.

  • Imagine having this much confidence in yourself . Can't relate

    @youknowwhat6873@youknowwhat6873 Жыл бұрын