Wayne Opening Clip

2022 ж. 27 Шіл.
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Clips From Wayne Season 1 Episode 1

  • That last "what the fuck" sounded like bill burr

  • Lol he's so tired from whooping him he can't continue 🤣

    Matthew MillerMatthew Miller
  • I guess schindlers list is over and now its all about Wayne 🤷

  • this dude won a fight after he got his ass kicked, because that "what the fuck" was one of pure defeat

    Chase GomezChase Gomez
  • He was just waiting for someone to break his window the way he came out

  • He's so confused he forgot to be mad at the end

  • For those that don't know, Wayne is throwing rocks at the building because the guy cheated on his dad's caretaker.

    Adam StaileyAdam Stailey
  • I love how the dude getting his ass beat just sits there and doesn't swing back 🤣🤦

    J & GJ & G
  • That defeated "what the fuck" at the end😂

    Blunt KiddBlunt Kidd
  • "I didn't hear no fucking bell!"

    Mr. LeeMr. Lee
  • Every pointing at "who did that?" Reminds me of public school, rip rats

    Shane KingShane King
  • “Man wtf”

    Chris BaledChris Baled
  • When kicking ass for 8 second's whoops your ass.

    Cody DanielCody Daniel
  • Belle cose da far vedere!

    Senna 22Senna 22
  • Dude crazy as hell. He just don’t care if he gets beat up. 😭😂 that guy was exhausted

    Chicago galaxyChicago galaxy2 сағат бұрын
  • I started playing stone cold’s entrance music in my head when he broke that window lol

  • Great show. 👍

    phantom driverphantom driver
  • That's a hardcore way of saying "please sir may I have another"

    ClumpydumpClumpydump21 күн бұрын
  • The ending got me🤣

    Sgt VirusSgt Virus