Ukrainian forces use US howitzers on battlefield

2022 ж. 14 Шіл.
36 611 Рет қаралды

Ukrainian servicemen on Thursday used American M777 howitzers on the battlefield in the northeast of the war torn country. (15 July 2022)
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  • We believe in you guys. Stay strong, stay united. We will help!

    Maria JonesMaria Jones
  • What if the V ^ comes from Belarus, heads toward Moldova and towards Dnipro or Kharkiv? Cutting off Kiev?

    J PJ P
  • Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

    John KonJohn Kon
  • Blessings, peace and luck from California to Ukraine 🙏✌🍀💙💛

  • we are here. Thank you for protecting us. We aree here and we got your back.

    Håkan KarlssonHåkan Karlsson
  • Canada provided the Excalibur gps guided. Give the credit where it’s due

    Max MDMax MD
  • Thank you for fighting for what's right.

    Donald LatimerDonald Latimer
  • Actually they've been using them for a long time but lost luhansk and lusychansk. They got destroyed and also they proved less effective as russia took more territory despite the enemy having U.S howitzers at the war front😂😂😂

    Big P OfficialBig P Official
  • They need more. Saving & helping the Ukrainians is in EVERYBODY'S best interest. May Poo-tin meet his maker soon. Or meet his "un-maker". Like Bin Laden.

    Kate WadeKate Wade

    юрий сватюрий сват
  • M777 range 30 km (ideal conditions) 😭

    King BKing B
  • Слава Україні! Героям слава! 💪🇺🇦🌻

  • They need 1 mil shells.

    Kha LeKha Le
  • The unofficial policy of NATO & the West in regard to arming Ukraine is "too little, too late". Ukraine will be supplied with just enough so they can stage a slow retreat in stages to the Polish border.

    Ken JohnsonKen Johnson
  • Let’s go Ukraine get dat 💯

  • Very Low Profile Howitzer which can be parked in almost any garage. Every Ukrainian should own one! All of us in Texas USA stand with you.

    Texas LookoutTexas Lookout
  • The US and allies should give everything the Ukraine military need, to push Russia back, and repell them.

    reginald rileyreginald riley
  • New toys for russia.

    Sean McMahonSean McMahon
  • The U. S. howitzers arriving on the Kharkiv battlefield is not going to be enough for the exhausted and tired Ukrainian soldiers to defend their positions much longer. After the huge losses they have suffered in terms of soldiers and territory from the Russian advances it will take more than motivational speeches to remind the soldiers of the historical glories of the Cossacks victories to encourage them to fight harder.

  • Wala silang RPG

    Alli HermosillaAlli Hermosilla