Try Not To Laugh - Dogs And Cats Reaction To Food #2| MEOW

2021 ж. 29 Қыр.
5 009 685 Рет қаралды

A funny video of dogs and cats eating their favorite food. What will happen when they get to taste something new? Watch this funny cat and dog compilation and find out!
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  • This vid is so wholesome I wish I also had a cat pet

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  • Cat uses the litter box and walks on food preparation surfaces. People wonder why I do not eat at pot-lucks=gross

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  • Cat sharing eating watermelon right after licking its ass, the human loves it

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  • dislike for this cringe edits voicing cats

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  • a cat: are you watching a dog video? are you cheating on me

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  • I like to call all cats Hairy when I call them an when I play with there tummy i would usually say ohh chubby!

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  • cats may die if you give human food

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  • hi mind asking, where did you find the first one?

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  • 4:42

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