Time Lapse | CamperVan Start To Finish | Van Build | Van Conversion

2022 ж. 14 Қаң.
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6 months of building packed into one episode. Let me know what you guys think of the finished product!
This Van has SOLD. I'll be starting a new build soon so please SUBSCRIBE to follow along!
Here are some of the products I mentioned in the videos: (If there is anything else you saw that you want a link for just leave a comment and I'll let you know how to get it.)
Angled drill bit amzn.to/2F51DuO
Curtains amzn.to/2HTs2gb
Curtain Clips amzn.to/2GFf9Gb
Curtain Track amzn.to/3iwnWHy
Shower Mixer amzn.to/3JZ4FgU

  • One of the best builds I have seen, you take so much pride in your work.

  • Me encanta y sobre todo, con la facilidad que lo hace.

    joão Mgjoão Mg
  • Great video. Your attention to detail is spot on. As an electrician , I always set my screws , especially switch plate screws , vertical. It shows you care about quality. You did mention the water tank over the wheel well. If you don't mind , where did you find that ? Great job. My girlfriend and I just bought an E - 350 to do the same thing to. Build a camper.

    Bert GriffinBert Griffin
  • So far the best and most detailed transformation I have seen. Awesome!

    José A. AcevedoJosé A. Acevedo
  • What a gorgeous build!! Your attention to detail is a class above. 👏 It also has a much homier feel. Thank you for sharing your build with us. 🤗

    Kieffer Keepin' OnKieffer Keepin' On
  • Your attention to detail is leaps and bounds over any other I've seen on youtube. Even the "pro shops", some of which are good, but they still have a assembly line feel to the finished product. Yours always feel unique and like a master craftsman took his time with it. and it shows in your work.

    Richard JonesRichard Jones
  • Les finitions sont exceptionnelles 👌👍💪 🤩

    Joëlle TERROIRJoëlle TERROIR
  • Out of curiosity how much did you sell this van for? What were your total costs. I love the video and great job, man.

    Il ResiIl Resi
  • Well done. Great video. Answered a heap of questions about making a 4 wheeled home.

    James Luke FrostJames Luke Frost
  • What an incredible build. Love the end result and craftsmanship. Do you have any pro/con advice of the Promaster over the Fird Transit?

    Harry EnrightHarry Enright
  • Great video bro and all the custom work you did you are very talented

    Chubb RockChubb Rock
  • Awesome. I have enjoyed all your videos on the build. You have taught me a lot and I appreciated your transparency.

    Rachel KellyRachel Kelly
  • Good job

    Fadna NoorFadna Noor
  • You did a wonderful job very smart. This is one of the best videos I've seen so far on KZworld 🥰

    NYC-BrooklyngirlNYC-Brooklyngirl12 сағат бұрын
  • I love watching your videos, they motivate me. Just wondering if you are planning on making more videos of your van builds? I know that Vans are probably hard to get at this point, what are your plans?

  • This video helped me a lot. I just put down 9k on a Ram Promaster 1500 136 wheel base. I was worried because I never done any construction and didn't know where to start. But, you showed a lot of details I needed in this. I haven't watched the other videos yet. But, if they're more helpful than this then thanks.

  • Of course you would make all the bolts straight, everything else is perfect!!! Amazing carpentry skills. 👌

    Cindy DezCindy Dez
  • Hello, amazing job 👌. Beautiful, great ideas. Regards Martin.

  • Perfection 👌 amazing attention to detail 👏 😮

    A1 roofing & maintenanceA1 roofing & maintenance
  • FANTASTIC workmanship!

    Le VTLe VT