This is the principle of using a winch, the two-wheel drive car is transformed into a four-wheel

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  • 落ちるまでが素人なのに、落ちてからが玄人で草

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  • 技術力凄すぎてワロタ

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  • No way in hell anybody can configure that out.

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  • This is what happened when you got many self-rescue skill but no license

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  • If the wheel goes down like this, remember that the body of the vehicle is compliant

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  • I think he's talented enough.

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  • これは神業すぎる✨

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  • Only for the smart ones, if you tie the wrong spots/ put in the wrong gear (reverse), it won’t work

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  • 凄いですね。この方法は。前輪駆動を後輪に伝える適切なやり方ですね。

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  • この道使うたびに使う必須テク

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  • こういう系列で初めてためになる動画。

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  • Japanese達翻訳しやすいように文書いてんの好き

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  • 頭いい人ですね!始めて見ました。覚えておきます。ありがとうございました。

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  • 頭いい!これは現場で思いつくの難しい。

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  • 対向車脱輪させておいて無視して去るの草

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  • これはすごい!こう言う動画で1番役に立った!!

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  • "

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  • すばらしい!

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  • Made my day 😊

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  • So informative, I got stuck once and it was very tough to get rid of that hole. But this idea will make a differencfor many people out there.

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