The Universe is Hostile to Computers

2021 ж. 31 Там.
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Tiny particles from distant galaxies have caused plane accidents, election interference and game glitches. This video is sponsored by Brilliant. The first 200 people to sign up via get 20% off a yearly subscription.

This video was inspired by the RadioLab Podcast "Bit Flip" -- they're brilliant science storytellers.

A Huge thanks to Dr Leif Scheick, Calla Cofield and the JPL Media Relations Team.

Thanks to Col Chris Hadfield. Check out his book:

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Written by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
Animation by Iván Tello, Mike Radjabov, Fabio Albertelli, Jakub Misiek and Charlie Davies
SFX by Shaun Clifford
Filmed by Derek Muller, Raquel Nuno, and Emily Zhang
Edited by Derek Muller and Petr Lebedev
SFX by Shaun Clifford
Additional video supplied by Getty Images
Rover Footage From NASA/JPL-Caltech
QF72 footage from the Smithsonian channel
SM64 footage from
Music from Epidemic Sound
Produced by Derek Muller, Petr Lebedev and Emily Zhang

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  • *Easy Voting Machine Fix* Each vote that is cast on the computer screen, is also printed onto a paper ballot. You can see who you voted for on the paper ballot. Take that paper ballot and drop it into the box. If the computer and all the paper ballot numbers do not match, then the votes are not being recorded correctly. Also, keep a running tally of the total votes for each candidate, if the votes jump by 4096 votes there may have been a bit flip. With a magnetic card, you can not see your vote. If you had voted for Candidate A and it recorded Candidate B, you won't see that on a Magnetic card but you will see it on a Paper Ballot.

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