The Life of Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange): Entire Timeline (MCU Explained/Recap)

2022 ж. 12 Мам.
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  • I need to grab my cloak for this one

  • From an arrogant doctor to a three eyed wizard, Strange definitely has one of the most interesting glow ups in mcu history, great video

  • I gotta be honest and say I liked it more when Doctor Strange’s story was more “grounded”, but I am still very excited for what’s to come.

  • I absolutely loved the multiverse of madness even though most people say it was only mid. Wanda carried it for me, and I love the new characters. The multiverse is definitely very interesting, and makes a lot of loop wholes. (Spoiler) I also don’t think Wanda actually died. I can’t wait for what could be doctor strange 3 with clea (idk if I spelt that right) also loved the video

  • I'd love to see these "life explained" videos about all of the original 6 avengers. I know you’ve made Tony and Natasha, but still. It'd be pretty cool.

    BowTie 2232BowTie 2232
  • I recently went to see Multiverse of Madness. It wasn’t really my favorite Marvel movie but I don’t think it was terrible. I did like the effects though. That music fight was good, and plus that multiverse kraken thing from the beginning looked cool. However I didn’t like the fact that they might have killed Wanda (she’s one of my favorite characters) and I didn’t like how they killed the Illuminati after like two minutes. And basically the whole plot could’ve been avoided if Wanda just offered to help America learn to control her powers and then when she could, Wanda could just ask her to take her to a universe where her children are orphans and need a mother. Boom. Conflict solved.

    Headphone DogHeadphone Dog
  • Yo, I just watched the Multiverse of Madness a couple of days ago for a movie night and let me tell you it was incredibly insane.

    Gevie SantaGevie Santa
  • Honesty the sequel wasn’t even that bad. The whole time I was watching it, I was like wtf, woah, nooo don’t do that, aww that’s sweet, wow this movie is the creepiest Marvel movie. It’s very different from other MCU movies and is the weirdest one I’ve seen yet, lots of Raimi’s horror elements made it interesting. Doctor Strange movies are supposed to be, well strange and unusual.

    Reanna GordonReanna Gordon
  • Right now

  • Great timeline/summary btw!

  • It's gonna b another couple of years for his 3rd film but worth the wait. I think he now has all the powers the Darkhold provides but without the corrupting influence, for that must've come from the book itself. So now he and if Steven were to teach others, could use that dark power for good.

  • You should totally do a history of the Darkhold. As it was first introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Isaac KimIsaac Kim
  • He is now my favorite Marvel Character since Captain America is gone.

  • It's amazing all the different videos you cover. Damn I'm a fan!! All of these marvels have been going on the better part of my young adult life into getting older and all I can say is I'm still it's still so impressive how all these actors can portray our favorite characters.

    K1Ng H0rUsK1Ng H0rUs
  • Morgan, thank you for making content. Just thank you. You have no idea how much it helps.

    JJ the BarbarianJJ the Barbarian
  • Stephen Strange's reason to be a doctor was the exact reason Doc from red vs blue became a medic.

  • I began watching your MCU character videos last night. I'll look forward to this, knowing how well-made your videos are (even though I never grew up with Marvel 😎).

    Iben PlaysIben Plays
  • He is my favorite character in the MCU besides Thor & Shang-Chi.

    Shazam (Captain Marvel)Shazam (Captain Marvel)21 күн бұрын
  • Fun fact: the actor that played Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).actually did the voice for Smaug in the Hobbit movies.

    Konstantinos KafarakisKonstantinos Kafarakis
  • Just to let you know, the fact that he got his MD and PhD on the same day doesn’t make him a genius. That’s how it works for people who earn both degrees; the degree program is set up so that they get both degrees at the same time.

    Nanami KamiyaNanami Kamiya