The Grand Theory of Amazon

2018 ж. 22 Мау.
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Amazon sells everything from streaming video to organic grapes, and it’s all part of a large (likely successful) strategy to dominate the entire consumer market.

*The end of this video includes a paid sponsored promotion. This company had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of the video.


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The biggest source of inspiration for this video is the wonderful Ben Thompson's analysis of Amazon at - highly recommended.

“wasted” GTA font used under a free license:

SEC report from Amazon, including its competitors:

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    • @wow this is a really bad channel. it's basically propaganda. u refuse to use the most accurate term for what amazon is: "monopoly". there is no need to argue why monopolies are bad - through experience we have decided that "certain things" and "balances" reach a state that necessitates *laws* forbidding it. amazon, joff bozos, can afford to provide their warehouse workers with humane work pace and job security. that is, workers wouldn't have to walk 15miles a day, under constant onmipresent surveillance, and such fear that they shit their pants. @polymatter just make videos, but each and every video you make, each word you say, reinforces and promotes real harm to real people. it's by proxy, but *you* cause immense pain and suffering to normal everyday people. behind your computer making fluff propaganda videos. please remember, you cause harm to real people everyday.

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    • @JMADMACHINE My thought, they attract people to their platform. This means they need to spend money. They will profit later. The compettitor who has more money can try and experiment any ways it wants. This means the more money the higher tendency to win.

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  • Lol, I have a very easy time living without Amazon, what are you on about?

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  • Amazon is not even available in my country and I'm in EU, so Am have a lot to cover, is not that big.

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  • Brilliant content

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  • We are under a misconception that Amazon is an online shopping company. It is not. What it is , really, is a data company."

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  • So the dollar shave club is doing a promo for Amazon

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  • I have always imagined the amazons smile logo as the company just smirking upon all companies and businesses as it grows its empire and mostly no competition by far and many companies are dying and starving

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  • i never buy from amazon

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  • So how do they bring profits from Kindle?

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  • Microsoft is the opposite of Amazon. They achieved scale so that customers would suffer, and they work relentlessly to worsen their products.

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  • the translation bro

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  • Just a shame so many of their employees are seriously injured and die for it and receive nothing in return; it's easy to wait for more money later when you're not the one it affects. I wonder what it's like to order people around to their own demise till you're so bloody rich that you have more money than you'll ever spend in your life 🤔

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  • It's like a quote I heard about how Pokemon splits versions in two to sell each game twice: "It's genius. It's absolutely evil, yes, but it IS business genius."

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  • Thats why china kicked out Amazon.

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  • 10 min video "grand theory

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  • Amazon is even doing the google strategy of hiding their monopoly by diversifying their portfolio of industries. These two companies have conquered the business world.

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  • Amazon diversifies, Apple intensifies.

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  • 9:25 And Disney

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  • 0:44 SHORT FOR AWS

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  • Amazon just opened in my country. I’m a bit scared for the small businesses. I hope they fail.

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  • this company is controlled by the New World Order and the only reason why it is taking over everything is because it has been allowed to be the main boss man of it all.

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  • Amazon is basically Buy N Large from Wall-E

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  • apple: works harder too charge more and competes with itself amazon: works harder to charge less and competes with others

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  • I was really confused when dollar shave club came up

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  • when apple refused to unlock that iphone it only did it to come off as giving a fuck about your privacy, truth is they dont, it was a false gesture, and it has been rumored that apple did unlock it and kept it hidden from the public entirely as a sort of agreement they had with the government to save face and look good for it. and no apple does not give a shit about its customers, they intentionally use glue instead of screws in some products just to make them disposable instead of repairable, and they have chosen to use batteries in their products they knew beforehand to be dangerous and or faulty. dont even get me started on the slavery they deal

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  • Geheimnis enthüllt: Automatisiert täglich Neukunden gewinnen. Schritt für Schritt Anleitung wie du von den wichtigsten Seiten wie Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon kostenlos.

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  • I love the shade thrown on Great Expectations. Everyone in my class in high school despised that book.

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  • Amazon: quantity. Elon: quality. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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  • We need a serious Antitrust or MRTP to split Amazon before it acquires too much

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  • Jeff owns more of the internet than you think. He owns part of Google, Airbnb, Twitter, Twitch, business insider, Wall street journal, IMDB, and if you open a retail company, he will buy you (Zappos, Quidsi, The guy who sold his company to Jeff asked him why he did it, if it was out of necessity or because he wanted to. Jeff answered: "A bit of both", and smiled. The story is online. He's in it for the power IMO. The interesting part is that Amazon still doesn't have a lot of market share of online retail and it's pillars such as AWS etc.. if they undercut prices, they'll grow even more. He saw the internet, the power of data, and did it. If the gov. doesn't do anything, no one will.

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  • That Amazon forest analogy was very good

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  • 2030... remember when Amazon was really big?

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    • This may not age well, bro

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  • Amazon runs the world

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  • Bezos will go down as one of the best business men of the 21st.

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  • A lot of the things talked about in this video are interesting. However, Bezos' biggest achievement was training investors to forget about profits. Anyone who has worked for a listed company knows the quarter/annual hell of 'making the numbers', aka exceeding the analysts expectations. Failure to do so caused the share price to tumble without any rational reason; which hurt the employees (declining 401K) and the executives (bonus, and/or career prospects). Bezos had the temerity (or maybe the inside knowledge as a former hedge fund guy) to say: "Screw that - we are too busy - your capital growth will come - just be patient". Amazing...

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