SURPRISING VOICES in the Blind Auditions | The Voice Best Blind Auditions

2022 ж. 6 Қаз.
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  • Which Blind Audition did you find most surprising? 🤩

    The Voice: Best Blind AuditionsThe Voice: Best Blind Auditions
  • The young lady from the 1st clip always gets me, not just by her voice but the un-measurable love, pride and happiness in her mother's face ❤️

  • Much respect to the last guy. Anyone who can do justice to a Scorpions song is a huge talent. The bar is so high because of Klaus Meine's unique voice. It's difficult not to look ridiculous compared to the original.

    Ana DubarAna Dubar
  • Most respect to the old man who still sounds like he 19🔥🔥

    joseph toneyjoseph toney
  • The 19 yr old with that deep voice and dang the old guy nailed it ..unbelievably awesome❤️

    Lee TessierLee Tessier
  • The looks on the families faces is always priceless ..

    Christiana MendsChristiana Mends
  • Oh my God that 19 yr old cowboy guy 😳😳 Oh my God his voice!!! He made me hold my breath when he went low 😍😍 I guess it was his little brother.. crying of been proud

    B ZayasB Zayas
  • Janaki Easwar and that first audition always makes me cry. As an Indian myself, our moms traditionally are our superheros and her mom and dad looked so damn proud it was so moving. Add on the fact that Lovely is such a powerful song and Janaki has such an incredible voice at such a young age. I find myself listening to this version so much move that the original. She is incredible, and performing at the T20 Cricket world cup at just 13. INSANE.

    SpreetSpreet14 күн бұрын
  • Where was the old man when he's young.....that kind of voice is needed to the world 💓

  • The old man who sang pillow talk he nailed much respect ❤️❤️

    gof ccrgof ccr
  • Just 12 ? Omfg she’s amazing ❤

    Nike oladimejiNike oladimeji
  • I wish Jason Jones was on Spotify, love his voice!! Especially the cover he did on Pillowtalk.

    Patrick CaseyPatrick Casey21 күн бұрын
  • The guy who sang "Chandelier" was wild! So unexpected!

    Teal ChastainTeal Chastain
  • The first girl needs to get signed. Ridiculous talent

    Luis AngelLuis Angel
  • Essa primeira..a janick é fantástica...que linda voz.. Divina

    Sarah paiva.Sarah paiva.
  • A todos mis aplausos! Increíbles voces

    Gabriela PerezGabriela Perez
  • The guy just gave me goosebumps from the first note to the last. He is amazing

  • I love pillow talk. That man's voice gives goosebumps. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Pablo Carrasco, magnífico 🇧🇷

    Nerd ZoneNerd ZoneКүн бұрын
  • How is nobody talking about the girl annihilating Taylor Swifts song?!? That was bad ass!

    Lisa NonaymLisa Nonaym