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My name is Julius Dein : ) I'm a 27 year old magician from London, travelling the world and blowing people's minds with street magic!

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Tom Elderfield: Insta @Tomelderfield

Joshua Hernandez Insta @josh_hernandez

Lee Hutchinson - Insta @videolee

Alex Gray- Insta @alexogray

Chloe Tereaplii Insta @clovandough

  • True like a sun in the night

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  • Faker then biden winning the election fairly.

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  • Das smart

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  • She could've been the album cover of STAY

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  • He took it well. I would of legged it out

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  • Can't believe he did not hear anything

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  • How do I nominate these guys to win an Oscar

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  • The cameraman thinks he is invisibles 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈💩💩💩💩👽👽👽👽

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  • Esse video é tao mentira quanto meu namoro com o justin 🤡💩

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  • You know i like pranks but when overreact about it then my respect for thanos increases

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  • That was so painful to watch. KZworld why did you recommend this to me?!

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  • Now that's a laugh I would of freak out myself it's like the exorcist I never watch the entire movie am to scared to

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  • Totally Terrified. Demon Girlfriend.

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  • Tbh this is cringe

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  • Full of Gimmick

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  • So real...

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  • Todos esos video son montados

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  • She is possessed with stupidity

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  • 最後とっさに頭ぶつけそうだった妻?を助けてるのまじ尊敬

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  • Respect for that steady.

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  • Maybe Thanos wasn't a bad person after all

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  • Buena representación, pero finalmente- ella está como para poseerla* -yo si me aventaba.

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  • What should freak him out worse is that there's a cameraman in his bedroom

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  • почему там столько представителей мужского пола? очередная бялдь

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