She-Hulk: Attorney At Law - LOL, Nope!

2022 ж. 17 Мам.
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So the trailer for She-Hulk just dropped. Let's take a look, shall we?

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    The Critical DrinkerThe Critical Drinker
  • You know what the worst part is? A story about a lawyer who cleans up after superheroes is actually a great idea.

    Anton NurwaldAnton Nurwald
  • Now, I’m not a woman, so I asked my wife if she lives in a constant state of anger and fear. She responded by letting out a deep, disgruntled sigh and and asked me “what feminist bull-shit have you been reading now?”

    K DK D
  • The fact that so many writers can’t create good female lead movies without horribly blasting and dehumanizing any male character says a lot.

    Jarrett GreenJarrett Green
  • “Is there anything worse than dating in your thirties” has the same feeling as, “you think your life’s tough? Try being a girl wearing size 11 Nikes” so I have absolutely no hope for this mess

  • Gotta love how it took Hulk like a decade to gain control of himself, and she-hulk does it in 20 minutes. Just like how Rey in star wars just immediately becomes a master with zero training.

    Oscar OOscar O14 күн бұрын
  • The thing is that in the comics, She Hulk has been a really good character, especially when drawn and written by John Byrne: Attractive, smart, and fully aware of the fourth wall. The version from recent comics -- I can't even.

  • Feminists: "stop saying women are too emotional"

    Allan TidgwellAllan Tidgwell
  • That adult orphans and billionaires line is hilarious, obviously it’s in reference to Tony Stark and Batman, which is funny to me because the main narrative of the McU is Tony stark learning to become a selfless man, great way to discredit him, Batman was never a narcissist, if anything he’s self loathing, to an unhealthy degree. Also which one of the others avengers cast qualifies in those categories? None of them.

    Oliver CrespoOliver Crespo
  • Good to see that there's nothing to miss about "modern" entertainment.

    cutting chaicutting chai
  • All I could remember when watching this trailer was the heartbreaking line Bruce gave when he told the other Avengers he’d attempted suicide because he saw no way out of everything that being the Hulk was. That line punches me in the gut every single time. And now he’s just…putting another human being through that so casually? What the cinnamon toast fuck-

    Saqqara MizrahiSaqqara Mizrahi
  • Can we just for once atleast get a female lead where she starts off losing every fight hard to every male she fights and overall having a tough time, before either exploiting a niche, or training for the whole film to finally overcome the challenges laid out in the first act?

    Manoj KumarManoj Kumar21 күн бұрын
  • Old comic-Shullkie is actually pretty awesome. She’s fun, loves life and her powers, and used to be Marvels resident 4th-wall-breaker (her spads with the artist about her „costumes“ are legendary) before Deadpool. I still fondly remember the Marvel Heroes game designers running completely wild with her lawyer theme (with her skills named things like „Objection!“).

    Stefan HoppeStefan Hoppe
  • I’m so tired of every single Marvel character being a cocky, arrogant, overconfident, narcissistic, jokey, quirky, and borderline sociopathic moron that says nothing but quirky quips and one-liners in every situation. I hate it.

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer
  • The original character in the comics was amazing. She was cracking jokes and breaking the 4th wall. She had her struggles but came to like herself as She-hulk. She-hulk was fun because she wasn't a carbon copy of hulk. Her journey was a great story that was engaging and fun to discover. Ultimately Jenny decides to permanently stay in her She-hulk form because she has come to accept it and it makes her feel good but that took time. I am with Drinker with this one, They are not going to have any of that in this show because that would require competent writing.

    Robert MoeRobert Moe21 күн бұрын
  • The problem with 'Strong Female Characters' is they always try to make other characters feel small. Instead of showing that female characters can be just as good as male characters.

    Dinpuia HauhnarDinpuia Hauhnar28 күн бұрын
  • In the comics (at least up through the Byrne run) they actually went out of their way to make her quite different and distinct from just being "Hulk with boobs." Even Eric July/Young Rippa acknowledges her as the best of all the various girl-version heroes.

    Roscoe WhiteRoscoe White
  • I've always loved She Hulk. She was a strong, sexy, fourth-wall-breaking female protagonist long before strong, sexy, fourth-wall-breaking female protagonists were cool. This though, I have zero faith in Disney bringing my break-my-dick-please jade giantess to life. And say what you will about the CG but that off-putting, green abomination(little 'A') still emotes better than Brie Larson.

    Robert GrayRobert Gray
  • Female characters

    Nathan SitungkirNathan Situngkir14 сағат бұрын
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