Robert Lewandowski is ON Fire under Xavi.

2022 ж. 28 Там.
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Robert Lewandowski Barcelona 2022
Robert Lewandowski Skills Goals Assists 2022

  • Rate his performances from 1-10 till now.

  • Im a Bayern Fan for more than 35 years. Never ever saw a player like him..

  • Religious, father, family man, pro sports man, no dumb tattoos, clean healthy, friendly with all the players, helpful to younger team mates... Hehehe perfect idol for young kids...

  • Barca needed such a player, perfect positioning, team play, physicality, perfect finishing, he beat the historic goals record in Bundesliga and he will show his class in La Liga, Polish power au au au!!!

  • He doesn't need Xavi nor any other manager to prove his quality , he is beast and a deadly striker

  • Didn't realize how good he is. He's a complete football player, not just an overgrown goal poacher like Zlatan and Erling Haaland. He is actually involved in the buildup, can drop into midfield, even the wings. Just an awesome player.

  • He is exactly what we needed. Finally we have a world class striker 🔴🔵. For me his performance is 10/10 in the last games. He has 4 goals in the last 2 games typical lewy and he is also amazing in attacking build up. Barca is having again an elite player since leo left 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • He is not just a deadly finisher but a coach on the pitch. You can see him giving instructions to Eric, Kounde and the rest even after he scores. Imagine if all Barcelona players are on same level with him this season then La Liga and Champions league is heading to Barcelona💪💪💪

  • A leader

  • He scores goals from all angles, even impossible ones 🔥👁🔥

  • Tyle akcji z kilku meczów. Wow, świetnie się wgryzł w Barcelonę. Piłkarz wybitny i kompletny. ;)

  • Wow, rzeczywiście otwarcie jakich mało - piłkarz kompletny 😊

  • too bad that people start to recognize his true class now and not when he scored 4 goals against Madrid in CL or 5 goals in 9 minutes, but then everybody was enamored with Ronaldo and Messi who are great players in their own rights but lack focus and drive Lewa has , which makes him "super human" ? IMO simply, this guy was born to score goals ......

  • It's just the beginning and you can already create such compilation 😱 Incredible opening.

  • He is incredibly strong no ordinary striker can hold up the play as well as Lewa. He is a leader always guiding his younger teammates loving him so far

  • Man so refreshing to have a goal scorer like him after paying griezman to do cardio for 2 years

  • As a Bayern fan I miss him but I still support him

  • Lawandoski is just full of awesomeness when it comes to football. Man is just everything a team needs❤️

  • At the beginning of his journey in Barca he is scoring like he had played in FCB about two seasons, imagine what will be later…

  • guys, you don't even know how big proud is he got Poland. for me as a '92 born foodball player/lover is something else! It is just the beginning even if he is 30+. I wish to all mates from underrated country's to have someone who will represent your country as Lewandowski is doing for Poland