OneShot: World Machine Edition - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch

2022 ж. 16 Там.
108 337 Рет қаралды

OneShot: World Machine Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 22, 2022!
Wishlist today:
The World Knows You Exist. Experience an adventure game with puzzles that go beyond its own window and establish a unique bond with the main character.
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  • I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

  • To whoever reads this that has never played nor heard about the game:

    IceFlower413 // BUGFlower413IceFlower413 // BUGFlower413
  • This is the only game that I’ve ever played that has successfully made me care for the character, it does such a good job of attaching you to niko it’s insane, after finishing it I just sat there staring at the screen for a good 5 minutes, if you like dialogue driven puzzle games this may be your new favorite game, the story is peak, and the puzzles are very unique. If you’re thinking of playing this game, play it without any spoilers, go in completely blind

    The God TowelThe God Towel
  • IT'S FINALLY ON SWITCH! The first time ive played this it got me chills I wonder how they'll recreate it in this version also this trailer looks nice

  • I'm envious of all the people who get to experience Oneshot for the first time.

  • My favorite part is when Niko says, "it will only take oneshot." Such a powerful moment in gaming history.

  • Even If this is just the old trailer but with a release date, I don't care because it's still so good

  • I’m getting that tingling feeling when I know I will soon be experiencing a real gem of a game. Can’t wait to finally play it! I was really hoping it would come to switch.

    Jeremy LindquistJeremy Lindquist
  • I'm so glad this amazing game is coming to switch so that more people can experience.

    Nova DragonNova Dragon
  • OneShot is a game that broke me emotionally, I can’t wait for this edition, fingers crossed for a physical release.

  • I HIGHLY recommend this game. It is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. Spread the word!

    H20 Dynamo is Da WaeH20 Dynamo is Da Wae
  • Its finally time that this underrated game is finally on the switch! Well deserved for this game

  • What a time to experience One shot. I wonder if it'll function like on Steam

    Ashton ImagineAshton Imagine
  • I’m so excited to replay this game, especially with the new stuff they added. I’m hoping the switch release will bring many new people to experience this absolute masterpiece of a game!

  • I’m so excited for this to come to the switch. it will allow so many new people to play this amazing game.

  • I’ve heard very little about this game but holy crap it looks so cool, I kinda want it…

  • Long live One Shot. Such a good inspiration for the rpg maker community.

    Dream GamesDream Games
  • I’m so glad it’s coming to switch! This game really is just something special and really just sent chills down my spine the first time I played it. Give it a shot everyone!

  • My friend and I were just talking about how rare it is to see a 2nd person game. Now this trailer is out. Super excited to see how the story plays out!

  • NO WAY OH MY GOD YESSSSS. Tears of joy rn! This was and still is my fav Pc experiences and my fav pc game. Being able to play it again is just going to be amazing