New Range Rover 2023 - FIRST LOOK Exterior & Interior

2021 ж. 21 Қаз.
249 925 Рет қаралды

Land Rover planned to reveal the 2023 Range Rover on October 26, 2021. Unfortunately for the British carmaker, it appears that a French magazine has leaked the details on the fifth-generation Range Rover ahead of schedule. Let us walk you through the news.

You already know that this generation of the Range Rover 2023 is the first to be offered in an all-electric version. The one in the photo gallery is not an electric model, but an ICE-powered one. Thanks to the French 4×4 Magazine that was leaked on a forum, we have a confirmed view of the powertrain line-up.

Before we get into powertrains, the next-generation New Range Rover comes with an evolution of its design on the front (pun not intended, but hey), while its rear features thinner taillights and an entirely new look for the tailgate.

As you can see in the photo gallery, the tailgate is visibly split in half. Moreover, the car has two fins on its roof, which is an odd decision that is hopefully related to a technical necessity that other automakers will solve with a single one in the future..
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Translated titles:
Nuevo Range Rover 2023-FIRST LOOK Exterior e interior

Neu Range Rover 2023-FIRST LOOK Exterieur & Interieur

Nouveau Range Rover 2023-PREMIER REGARD Extérieur & Intérieur

Novo Range Rover 2023-PRIMEIRA VISUALIZAÇÃO Exterior e Interior

جديد Range Rover 2023-أول مظهر خارجي وداخلي

Новы Range Rover 2023 г.-ПЕРШЫ ПАДЗЕЙКІ Знешні выгляд і інтэр'е

Novità Range Rover 2023-PRIMO SGUARDO Esterno e interno


Новинка Range Rover 2023-FIRST LOOK Exterior & Interior

Yeni Range Rover 2023-İLK BAKIŞ Dış & İç

Ny Range Rover 2023-FIRST LOOK Udvendig og interiør

Nieuw Range Rover 2023-EERSTE KIJK Exterieur & Interieur

Νέο Range Rover 2023-ΠΡΩΤΗ ΕΜΦΑΝΙΣΗ Εξωτερικά & Εσωτερικά

신규 Range Rover 2023-FIRST LOOK 외관 및 인테리어

Ny Range Rover 2023-FIRST LOOK Utvendig og interiør


Nytt Range Rover 2023-FIRST LOOK Exteriör och interiör

Новий Range Rover 2023 р.-ПЕРШИЙ ПЕРЕГЛЯД Екстер'єр та інтер'єр

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  • Holy crap! A RR swathed in vegan seat covering and not a hint of genuine leather in sight! Go woke and they're sure to go broke. Now we'll have more than just their dodgy electrics to complain about!

    TheMister MannTheMister MannАй бұрын
  • Terrible rear end

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  • I don't like it, the back looks kinda bad ,the old one was better

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  • Hopefully they changed that raggedy ass engine cuz they garbage to purchase

    Doug PattersonDoug PattersonАй бұрын
    • Love, yeah like what they look like too, but when they down you almost want to get rid of the thing the engines and not in all of them and the electronics need to be upgraded I would hate to purchase an ev and and the company hasn't perfected the ice version then you know the will even more problems. Just know I want be buying the thing, I'll be getting the Teslas cyber truck for the electronics need and the bold new look not high price luxury trash and cost premium money your hard earned money no my money for something you take off the lot and break down by the end of the week, not the next the same week trash you better off buying a Chevy high country no worries just drive it and it will perform

      Doug PattersonDoug Patterson19 күн бұрын
  • I went a looked on RR website and built the most expensive version. And it didn't have cooled front seats. What? for north of $200K how do you not have cooled front seats?

    Fay WhiteFay WhiteАй бұрын
    • In fact, all the range rover models over 100k have the cooled seats as standard. The autobiography and SVAutobiography models also have the massage function as standard. The models less than 100k only have the heated seats as standard but you can get the cooled seats as an add on

      ak2pacalypseak2pacalypseАй бұрын
    • It does have cooled and heated front seats. If you are talking about the svautobiography, it is a standard feature which also comes with hot stone massage seats.

      ak2pacalypseak2pacalypseАй бұрын
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    • That's a key question

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    • @Wowvideos Jaguar Landrover were saying that they are going to make it reliable I don’t know if this is the one or not

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    • Dont think so

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  • Reliability will still be bad when you have an underdeveloped country like India making engines and wiring all the electronics in it.

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    • @Dilshan Fernando ok cool I don’t want to argue

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    • @Roarijo the same is true for bmw and Mercedes.

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    • @QueenQutie Reliability has slightly improved after tata takeover by the way Range Rover's never known for reliability

      FayazFayazАй бұрын
    • Rich Folks buying em like hot cakes dont give a frying f* about reliability bullshift

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    • @Man D they might be really good looking cars but it’s a fact that are not very reliable

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