NBA All-Star Game Trivia for 2022 Jersey!

2022 ж. 20 Ақп.
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In this video, I challenge the boys to an All-Time NBA All-Star Game trivia!

Answer the Question, Win Super Bowl Tickets!
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  • Zack knows every All star trivia because he's been around for all of the games. Also would love a Giannis Antetokounmpo blue jersey he's my favorite player. Congrats on the kid too!

    Brayden YeeBrayden Yee5 ай бұрын
    • I want to get the red one that Kobe Bryant had yeah that's all star Jersey the one that Kobe Bryant has

      DeAndria JacksonDeAndria Jackson3 күн бұрын
    • You trying to call zack oldxd

      WillWill2 ай бұрын
    • And Lsk

      Peter ThomasPeter Thomas4 ай бұрын
    • Ya giannis is the best

      Abrielle GawryAbrielle Gawry5 ай бұрын
    • @broculus maximus fr

      Noah GNoah G5 ай бұрын
  • I’d like a red Ja Morant jersey. He’s making make this new NBA era fun to watch

    Kemar QuarlesKemar Quarles5 ай бұрын
    • Good making make

      Corvo AttanoCorvo Attano3 ай бұрын
  • Love testing my knowledge along with these… I would love a blue curry jersey he was a walking bucket out there!

    Spencer ErwinSpencer Erwin5 ай бұрын
  • I would love a blue Curry jersey. He absolutely killed it in the All-Star game.

    Lukas BarrettLukas Barrett5 ай бұрын
  • You guys are completely awesome 😎 look forward to all 2 hype vids

    Cj FurgesonCj Furgeson5 ай бұрын
  • You know it’s a good day when someone from 2hype uploads ❤️

    BrautBraut5 ай бұрын
  • I miss the OG format of trivia videos... where you would take it question by question with each person

    b_ryce2344b_ryce23445 ай бұрын
    • Same!!!!!

      Delaney SteinbrecherDelaney Steinbrecher5 ай бұрын
  • Great Video! Love Trivia! I would love a Steph Curry Blue Jersey. He was unstoppable in this ASG. Also, he has always been my favorite player.

    Salomone SportsSalomone Sports5 ай бұрын
  • What up Zack! Love your vids and make my day better. Red Ja Morant jersey looks so sick. Keep it up. 👍

    Fire_RyanFire_Ryan5 ай бұрын
  • Zack is probably the best video editor I've seen he makes the videos funny but also watchable. If I were to get an all-star jersey I would like a red Ja jersey

    SFSF5 ай бұрын
  • Keep up the grind Zach and congrats on having a kid also !Been watching for so long and proud of you and all of 2hype.Also I would love LeGoat jersey from his team.

    Hunter GriffithHunter Griffith5 ай бұрын
  • Id love a Ja Morant red jersey! Keep up with the good content!

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  • Zack always making my day better💪🏽

    JULE$JULE$5 ай бұрын
    • fr tho

      HOODIE KDOG 21HOODIE KDOG 215 ай бұрын
  • A Red Lamelo Ball one would be dope! Thanks for the fire content!

    Footy BrosFooty Bros5 ай бұрын
  • For the combined points question Jesse’s answer of 323 is exactly what it was this year😳

    Ryan M.Ryan M.5 ай бұрын
  • Hey, keep up with your work Zack!!! I'd love a blue Curry jersey. :D

    Bendegúz KelecsényiBendegúz Kelecsényi5 ай бұрын
  • I’d love a blue Darius garland jersey! Keep up the great work!

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  • Would love a red lamelo ball he’s been fun to watch, and so are these ZackTTG videos!

    oddlyoddly5 ай бұрын
  • would definitely love a blue curry jersey, i’ve been a fan of him since he entered the league

    Thomas BaileyThomas Bailey5 ай бұрын
  • Keep them vids coming, love your guys content this one was kinda tough for me I’m not the best with basketball trivia

    Dustin BrownDustin Brown5 ай бұрын
    • Nerf Miner

      Laughable StudiosLaughable Studios5 ай бұрын
  • I’d love a blue Ja Morant jersey, he’s so exciting to watch

    doubleAdoubleA5 ай бұрын
  • I’d love a red DJ Murray jersey, loved the video, keep up the grind!!!

    Ethan LevinEthan Levin5 ай бұрын
  • I would love a Ja Morant Team Durant jersey men small! Keep up the good work Zack and 2hype

    Sports Network Sports Network 5 ай бұрын
  • Great vid my boy, love the trivia. I would like a Lamelo Ball home jersey cuz he’s a great young player on the rise AND he was an All-Star. Appreciate it brodie.

    Tyler BowneTyler Bowne5 ай бұрын
  • I’d love a blue trae young jersey I’ve been watching him since he’s been at Oklahoma an he’s up next 🙌🏼

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  • I would really love a Devin Booker all star jersey in the red color. Great video

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  • Zack you make me happy every day with your videos and you push out the best content I respect the grind my favorite player is Giannis a Blue jersey if his would make my day! Have a great day Zack!

    Eli StruszEli Strusz5 ай бұрын
  • I’d love a red ja morant jersey, he’s been playing 🔥 this year

    Bahaa Adin LababidiBahaa Adin Lababidi5 ай бұрын
  • I would really love the blue curry all star jersey keep doing good Zack!

    Godwin OdulioGodwin Odulio5 ай бұрын
  • I'd love a red ja morant jersey man!! Keep up the good content lezzgooo🔥

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  • Zack be making these bangers 🔥

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  • zack love the vids man, been watching for a while now, love the content, i would love a curry blue jersey he is my favorite player and he went crazy in the game. thanks

    Nick DesiderioNick Desiderio5 ай бұрын
  • Love the vid and I would not get like 4 right lol. I would want a Ja mordant red Jersey. Keep up the good work Zack!

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  • Blue curry Jersey would be amazing!! Love the content!! Keep up the hard work!!

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  • I would love a Blue Ja Jersey, he is so fun to watch!

    Kyle HostetlerKyle Hostetler5 ай бұрын
    • I love Ja too, I thought he was gonna take off this year. dunk wise and being in the top ten mvp candidate.

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    • Ja is red jersey

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  • I am from the Netherlands so the game started at 2am for me, watched the entire thing and had to go to school the day after. I would really love a blue Chef Curry jersey (size s)

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  • Love the videos my man, i would love a joel embiid red all star jersey, keep up the grind my man

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  • Blue LeBron jersey would be nice for me. Keep grinding Zack👑

    Just KubaJust Kuba5 ай бұрын
  • Zack lookin like a full on dad ready to bbq on Sundays 😂 congrats fam again on you and your fiancée pregnancy

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  • Love the vid, I would love a Jarrett Allen blue jersey. Congratulations on the child

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  • I’d like a red Dejounte Murray, probably the best all around guard in the league and a massive part of the San Antonio culture

    Bradley GreenBradley Green5 ай бұрын
  • zack making bangers keep up that good work (lamelo blue)

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  • A red ja morant jersey would be sick and keep up the fire content 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • I'd love a red steph jersey, he's the one who inspires me to play.

    BaroniBaroni5 ай бұрын
    • Even though he played for the blue team?

      Justin ArthurJustin Arthur5 ай бұрын
  • I would love a blue steph curry Jersey been a warriors fan my whole life awesome to see curry go off

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  • I would love a blue curry jersey! Man went crazy in the game and I am from the bay

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    • Zach Lavine played for the red team and I'm surprised you went with blue since the bulls are red. :/

      Justin ArthurJustin Arthur5 ай бұрын
  • I’d love the Stephen curry blue . Amazing content by you and the boys btw Keep up the amazing content. 👍

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    • @L he wore blue yeah

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    • Steph doesnt wear red

      LL5 ай бұрын
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