My Husband's Favorite Food❗ Quick and Easy Chicken Breast Dinner!

2021 ж. 19 Қар.
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My husband's favorite food! Quick and easy chicken breast dinner!
Incredibly easy and quick dinner that my husband really likes. Prepare this quick and easy dinner for your family and everyone will be amazed by the incredible taste of this dish. Easy to prepare and incredibly delicious dinner will appeal to your whole family delicious recipe will be your favorite recipe. You can cook it for both guests and family meals. Everyone will like this my husband's favorite food! Cook with pleasure! Cook with love!
▶ Recipe and ingredients:
3 chicken breasts
2-3 tablespoons of flour
3 tablespoons of butter or vegetable oil
Preheat the pan
Fry until golden brown over a high heat for 2-3 minutes
4-6 cloves of garlic
turn over and fry for another 2 minutes
Salt pepper
Reduce heat to medium
1.5 tablespoons of butter or vegetable oil
3 tablespoons of honey
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
1½ tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar
Bring the sauce to a boil and reduce the heat
Simmer until the sauce thickens, turning the chicken breast regularly
150 g white cabbage
Spring onion feathers
150 g red cabbage
1/2 blue onion
1 bell pepper
1 cucumber
1 small carrot
Juice of 1/2 part lemon
1 tomato
3 tablespoons of sour cream
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise
1 clove of garlic
1 teaspoon of mustard
Salt, black pepper
A delicious dinner with chicken breast and vegetables is ready!
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  • Made this tonight without any diversions to ingredients. Took me ages chopping veg so can't wait to be reaquainted with my food processor soon. The chicken was moist, succulent and delish. The coleslaw was amazing... my fussy husband loved it and said make a huge bowl of this twice a week!!! He hates salad sides, so this is perfect to get veg and fibre in him. Thank you so much. The chicken is lush, yet it's the veggies that win for my fussy fella. 😄❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Wen WakeWen WakeАй бұрын
  • Making this for dinner TONIGHT😋 Thank you for putting the time it took to share this recipe into a video👍🏼

    BlueDreamBlueDream6 ай бұрын
    • Aaaaàaàaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa salaam the girl a

      sajida jawadsajida jawad4 ай бұрын
  • Made this for my husband a few weeks back and he loved it!!! I’m back again for a refresher as I’m making it again tonight❤️

    BlueDreamBlueDream5 ай бұрын
    • @leander santos who’s cooking for you?

      BlueDreamBlueDreamАй бұрын
    • Major L

      leander santosleander santosАй бұрын
    • Зачем мне знать про мужа,подумайте.

      ВалентинаВалентинаАй бұрын
    • @Witty Witty that’s cute lol but at my age that would def be a miracle 😂😂

      BlueDreamBlueDreamАй бұрын
    • @BlueDream if you continue pleasing him like that he's going to keep giving you even more toddlers 😂

      Witty WittyWitty WittyАй бұрын
  • Amazing easy to follow step by step recipe. I made it for my husband as well and he loved it as well as the whole family. Will definitely make this meal again. Thanks for making this video easy to follow.

    colleen mcleancolleen mclean4 ай бұрын
  • This recipe is delicious and easy to prepare. The chicken was moist and so tasty. I must say the salad is awesome. Made it for my husband last week and he was impressed! Making it again this Friday because our friends are coming for dinner.

    Jeryl Dene DelcoJeryl Dene Delco10 ай бұрын
    • @Ana Medeiros Brazeau it is honey

      Mary BurrowsMary BurrowsАй бұрын
    • @Ana Medeiros Brazeau HONEY. It was written " 3 tablespoons honey"

      Marianne NyirabalindaMarianne Nyirabalinda4 ай бұрын
    • Could it have been honey+mustard+egg mixed together?? Im just using everyone's theories and pretend im using the curious thinking emoji cuz i don't have that one😂

      kay mayhemkay mayhem5 ай бұрын
    • эзэхз

      Анна ЛевченкоАнна Левченко7 ай бұрын
    • ¹

      Анна ЛевченкоАнна Левченко7 ай бұрын
  • Que delícia! Deu água na boca 😋

    Malena SilvaMalena Silva4 ай бұрын
  • Вчера был ужин, ещё и мама с подругой приехала! я это приготовила..... вообще.. как говорила моя матушка ," ум отьешь" 😋 очень вкусный рецепт,сочная грудка как будто и не грудка! Правда я ещё добавила малинового варенья,😁😂,меда не хватило🤷,но все слопали😁 Спасибо вам!!! 🌈☀️

    Юлия ЛипартелианиЮлия ЛипартелианиАй бұрын
  • My husband said I need to cook chicken breast like that every time 😁 even my toddlers liked it! So moist and the sauce was amazing! Thank you!

    John DuttonJohn DuttonАй бұрын
    • Муж должен очень хорошо зарабатывать.😄😂😄👍🙋

      ЯЯАй бұрын
    • Don't kill them!

      Denise ThompsonDenise ThompsonАй бұрын
  • ADOREI vou fazer para meu marido! Ele é tão maravilhoso e sempre estou buscando novas receitas, pois ele merece todo dengo do mundo💞

    RP. L.RP. L.Ай бұрын
  • Z pewnością jest bardzo smaczne!dziękuję I pozdrawiam 👍👍🤣

    Teresa KozlikTeresa Kozlik11 ай бұрын
  • Очень вкусно выглядит, захотелось приготовить. СПАСИБО 🌹

    Antonova ElizavetaAntonova ElizavetaАй бұрын
    • И мне....

      ЯЯАй бұрын
  • Ничего себе, БЫСТРЫЙ и лёгкий 😂😂😂 Только на перечень ингредиентов посмотреть, так и готовить расхотелось. Самым смелым и старательным, желаю приятного аппетита 💕

    Milla FilinMilla FilinАй бұрын
    • Точно, что быстрый - в смысле съедается быстро. А готовить не быстро совсем))). Ну и насчет "лёгкий" - это по весу? Потому что по калориям, на ужин - совсем не лёгкий)

      orm ormorm orm29 күн бұрын
    • @Olga Ivanova так и есть. я второй раз делаю. мне понравилось )

      Valeri PetrovValeri PetrovАй бұрын
    • @Елена Власова Курва - норм! Но салат ... дристугановый. (по отдельности: лучше сделать 3 салата ... на любителя - согласен!)

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    • @Ольга Рыбакова ингредиентов на 3 салата🤣😀... Три в одном - и есть расхотелось

      Елена ВласоваЕлена ВласоваАй бұрын
  • I made this chicken the other night. It was fantastic and so simple. My wife Loved it!!

    Steve RSteve R5 ай бұрын
    • 😂

      Usman UsmanUsman Usman2 ай бұрын
  • Amazing recipe, it it very perfectly balanced. The chicken breast is very easy to overcook, I'd recommend browning it on very high heat and then add the breast later when the sauce starts to come together, it will make it more tender. Will definitely try this recipe in the future, I tried something similar but added lemon slices instead of the vinegar, would recommend checking out Gordon Ramsay's sticky lemon chicken for that one! That salad looks amazing, will definitely try it.

    gevelegiangevelegian4 ай бұрын
    • Ничего себе быстрый и лёгкий.

      Мария ЧелпанМария ЧелпанАй бұрын
  • *I made this today and I tell you, it was one of the best chicken I've ever had!* I cooked other vegetables to it so I just did the chicken, but it was like heaven sent 🍗❤️

    Ophel IanOphel Ian9 ай бұрын
    • What kind of mustard did you use please?

      Erin FrenchErin French7 ай бұрын
    • У мужа губа не дура. Дорого, богато

      Людмила СуздалеваЛюдмила Суздалева8 ай бұрын
    • @amanda chan it’s amazing, but make it without the honey if you don’t like the sweetness. It is pretty sweet, but it’s sooo good!

      ꧁Lissa꧂꧁Lissa꧂8 ай бұрын
    • OMG

      carla sechicarla sechi9 ай бұрын
    • @Ophel Ian thanks for the tips Ophel!

      amanda chanamanda chan9 ай бұрын
  • This looks amazing and delicious! I know what I'll be making for dinner tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us! 😃

    Stacey GrayStacey Gray2 ай бұрын
    • Farsil

      Shahla RahidehShahla RahidehАй бұрын
  • И муж умер с голоду,при таких темпах готовки!

    Людмила ЯЛюдмила Я2 ай бұрын
  • Пока дождёшься блюда уже хлеба с колбасой наешься😁

    Важный КоникВажный КоникАй бұрын
    • 😄😄😄😂😂👍🙋

      ЯЯАй бұрын
  • I have made this dish many times and is a big favorite. I have also used the sauce as a marinade for steak, broiled the steak and reduced the marinade and spooned it over the steak to serve. Delicious!! The last time I made this chicken, I accompanied it with corn on the cob and potato chips. What a great meal it made! This is very good cold as well! Perfect for a summer picnic. Save the leftovers and go on a picnic to your favorite spot and enjoy.

    Steve RSteve R3 ай бұрын
  • Děkuji za vynikající recept ❤❤❤❤❤

    Martina KrejčíMartina Krejčí15 күн бұрын
  • Made this for my wife and I was delicious!

    BRANDONBRANDON10 күн бұрын
  • Deu água na boca

    Celina AlmeidaCelina AlmeidaАй бұрын
  • This looks sooo good, and I'm definitely going to make this within the week! Thanks!

    Melissa HutchinsonMelissa Hutchinson4 ай бұрын
  • Made this recipe 27/02/2022 - First time worked excellent! Great taste, the garlic gets very soft, and the goney works perfect. Keep an eye on the pan if you're using a ceramic one, because it is easier to burn the chicken and make it look black, same for the sauce.

    • @Brenda Ansonaud No u

    • @Aromal Prakash Yeah, thats why if you heat it 160 degrees F it turns into candy.. And we all know candy kills right? Oh forgot i'm dead, sorry

    • @Aromal Prakash Sure man look at me im commenting from the grave

    • No

      Brenda AnsonaudBrenda Ansonaud8 ай бұрын
    • dont mix honey like that. honey turns into poison if heated. please refer

      Aromal PrakashAromal Prakash8 ай бұрын
  • Замечательный рецепт!☺️👍🏻 обязательно попробую сделать так

    Евгения БодроваЕвгения БодроваАй бұрын
  • My husband said I need to cook chicken breast like that every time 😁 even my toddlers liked it!

    Jonathan ThorndikeJonathan ThorndikeАй бұрын
  • Вдохновился! Но когда увидел перечень ингридиентов для салата, приуныл:)

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  • This is a beautiful dish,and so easy!! What a creative salad 🙂

    Margie GarciaMargie Garcia5 ай бұрын
    • Грудка хороша , а салат можно любой, но в следующий раз приготовлю Ваш.

      Елена ЗахароваЕлена ЗахароваКүн бұрын
  • Just watched this with my 14 year old son and he is inspired to get into the kitchen with me to recreate this! He says he will eat all of the vegetables in here too, I'm very excited that he has taken on the interest of cooking with me, I will forever cherish this part of parenting.

    ALL4RWBALL4RWB11 ай бұрын
    • 나광미나광미Ай бұрын
    • If you haven’t taught your 14-year old to eat vegetables by now then you have failed as a parent

      Cactus Face McGillicuddyCactus Face McGillicuddyАй бұрын
    • @Nameless Holy hell, it’s called punctuation. Periods, commas, colons, semicolons, a dash, parentheses-use them.

      Cactus Face McGillicuddyCactus Face McGillicuddyАй бұрын
    • I couldn't get either my son or daughter to cook with me. My son lives in NYC and says dinner = pick up the phone and get pizza or chinese or thai food. My daughter makes "cream soup" glop in the Instant pot or slow cooker.

      P JP JАй бұрын
    • -Come over an see Johnny Depp pursuing Amber Heard with a blade as she begs him to stop, a recording played at trial that I transcribed and loudened

      Asshats Love Johnny Depp!! Johnny Depp Es Racista!!Asshats Love Johnny Depp!! Johnny Depp Es Racista!!Ай бұрын
  • Нифига себе простой ужин! Завидую вашему мужу! )

    АлексейАлексей5 ай бұрын
    • 😉 Прадуйся за свою печень

      Ольга ДымоваОльга ДымоваАй бұрын
  • Зашла сказать спасибо, очень вкусное филе получилось,а самое главное действительно готовится быстро и легко ❤️👌🤤

    Katarina LavadKatarina LavadАй бұрын
  • Классно,спасибо за рецептик !

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    Gotti ОЛЬГАГОЛКGotti ОЛЬГАГОЛКАй бұрын
    • Классно и вкусно

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  • Parece ser muito bom 😊

    Tatyana SilvaTatyana Silva4 ай бұрын
  • I tried this last night and it was bloody excellent! The wife loved it!

    Fouled Anchor FarmFouled Anchor FarmАй бұрын
    • Jg3111y

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    • До утра не стали ждать? 😁

      Olha SOlha SАй бұрын
  • I made this for my husband & he loved it so did I. Thanks for the recipe, now we have a new favorite chicken recipe.

    Vernita Mont.Vernita Mont.2 ай бұрын
  • Классный рецепт 👍 Спасибо,!

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  • My husband is going to love this! 😋💖

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  • My hubby and I just made this chicken. We took the first bite... OMG its delicious!!

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  • It looks so delicious that I must try to prepare by myself. 👌👍

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  • Nice preparation, really looks tasty and for sure its delicious.🌷

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  • É quase um ASMR 😍

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  • Obrigada por essa receita. É uma boa idéia para um jantar! 👍🏼Certamente delicioso! ( thanhs for your recipe. That’s a good idea for Diners! Certainly delicious!) 🙋🏻‍♀️🇧🇷

    Rosangela FelipeRosangela Felipe4 ай бұрын
  • The salad looks amazing 🎉

    RuheRuhe2 күн бұрын
  • This recipe helped me when I first started cooking. Thank you

    Al Lynnard QuidesAl Lynnard Quides4 күн бұрын
  • Thank you so much for the whole video! So many useful techniques and you even show us how to make a salad dressing! I can't wait to recreate this meal! ,🤩

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    • Greetings from México I am Bibi Sulik

      Bibi SuarliBibi Suarli10 ай бұрын
  • It's so simple, but so delicious! Thank you!

    Hassle-Free Menu | #HFMHassle-Free Menu | #HFM5 ай бұрын
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  • ❤ ty! Looks very delicious I will make it for my husband!

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  • Oh this recepy is super amazing and super tasty ❤️

    Tamely25Tamely253 күн бұрын
  • Reporting back: I made the chicken tonight (the slaw will have to wait), and it was delicious. Thanks again. It is a take on sweet and sour that is very sublime. For Keto people: I substituted blue agave syrup for honey. The slaw had too many components for a work night, but I am going to try it as soon as I can!!

    ParsleyPalaceParsleyPalace11 ай бұрын
    • @Stefanie i agree i might put in some honey afterall. Am not strict, just low carb. I struggle with artifical sweetener. I just couldnt find the best taste for me

      azoresazores10 ай бұрын
    • I was thinking about keto too. I would probably just leave out the sweetener altogether like how I used to do on whole 30 making stir fry. Still good. Or maybe use a drastically smaller amount since I’m usually not that strict.

      StefanieStefanie10 ай бұрын
    • Agave syrup is not a keto friendly ingredient

      Kyle BaughKyle Baugh11 ай бұрын
  • This was such a delicious meal to enjoy! Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful recipe!

    Roxanne AranaRoxanne AranaАй бұрын
  • These cooking videos are beautifully done! So relaxing.

    Macaire OsmontMacaire Osmont6 ай бұрын
  • Gostei muito da receita. O melhore ser substituído por açúcar demerara ou mascavo?

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  • I made this recipe and it was a huge hit! The best part is it's made with things you probably already have in your fridge. I made mine with white rice instead and it was delish!

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    • The chicken looked delicious and easy to prepare. The salad not so much, a ton of chopping, numerous veggies, too much work for a "quick and easy" meal. The title is misleading especially for a normal and busy evening. I'd serve with rice pilaf and a green veggie most likely. I'm glad I found your input as all of the other comments were too unrealistic to just "whip up" quickly.

      Blonde BaileyBlonde Bailey7 ай бұрын
    • I just have one question... was it greasy?

      Jon HambrickJon Hambrick9 ай бұрын
    • infatti...

      Domenico DamarcoDomenico Damarco10 ай бұрын
    • @Domenico Damarco 😆stai scherzando? A youtube non ti trovi in Italia, l'autore della ricetta ovviamente non è italiana 😄. Di piu, la ricetta non contiene patate 🤣.

      Andrea S.Andrea S.10 ай бұрын
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  • I would just like to say that this recipe is AMAZING! It’s my first time cooking chicken breast and wasn’t expecting much but WOW! This tastes amazing and it’s so good that even my little sister who is a picky eater enjoyed the chicken.

    Lemonroll :]Lemonroll :]11 ай бұрын
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    • Way to go chef :) happy you and your sis had some good eats!

      Angela ForsythAngela Forsyth10 ай бұрын
    • It looks delicious, I prepare it with cola and it looks very good, on my channel I have the recipe step by step in case you like to check it.

      Cocina fácil & MásCocina fácil & Más10 ай бұрын
  • Man this looks delicious 🤤

    Sandra SilvaSandra Silva2 ай бұрын
  • I watched this 2 hours ago and now we just finished eating. The meat was fabulous. A bit too sweet for my taste but nothing bad. I'll cut the honey in half next time. I also smacked the breast a bit to tenderize it. Great nonetheless. Thanks!

    BunnyBunny3 ай бұрын
  • This looks delicious! Will have to make this! Thank you for sharing!

    Sincerely BSincerely B27 күн бұрын
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  • This looks delicious! I’m the type of person that will try anything once, but my partner is beyond ridiculous picky but if I cook it when they’re not home they will never know what’s in it lol. I’m going to give it try, if anything I’m sure I’ll enjoy it☺️ Thank you for sharing and for giving the actual measurements!

    Alana AlbaradoAlana Albarado10 ай бұрын
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    Надежда НиколаеваНадежда НиколаеваАй бұрын
  • Looks delicious! I will season the flour ( probably with seasoning salt 😁) and add celery seed to the slaw. Can’t wait to try it!

    RebeGeeRebeGee11 ай бұрын
    • Lmao my thoughts exactly even w the soy sauce we not gone season the chicken 👀 but it do look real good 😂😂🤧

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    • I was just going to say, I didn’t see a drop seasoning! Good idea 😂

      Mylife IsEpicMylife IsEpic7 ай бұрын
    • That was my thought too, to either season the meat or flour 1st but idk.

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