Miniature HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE made from JUNK // Ghibli Crafts

2021 ж. 15 Там.
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Howl's Moving Castle. It's big (21" tall). It's heavy (4.2 lbs). It's made out of junk (mostly). Help yourself to a full breakfast and strap yourself in to the merry-go-round of life for almost a full hour. This is episode four in an ongoing series on crafting various things from my favorite Studio Ghibli films. Stay tuned for more episodes!

And a HUGE thanks to all the support from everyone on Patreon!

HEY YOU! The song at 42:47 is Miika's Journey by Lama House

MUSIC CREDIT: Special Thanks to @demongummies for the use of their lo-fi Ghibli remix, "Let's Ride the Merry-go-round" at 47:32 and 47:56 Check out their soothing jams!

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- - - - -
00:00 - Intro
00:34 - Forming the body from trash
04:55 - Bringing out the big guns (turrets)
08:13 - Sophie's Balcony
10:02 - How far are we? I'm lost.
11:06 - The castle has ears
11:52 - A Dirty Mouth
13:11 - Facetime (nose and lips)
17:18 - Wizard bath water
18:12 - These hips don't lie
19:02 - House attachments (Howl's Walking Suburb)
21:23 - Wing Zone
23:17 - Backdoor & booty
25:19 - The soft underbelly
27:29 - Chim-chimney chim-chimney
28:22 - The Howls Have Eyes
29:10 - Pendragon's Penthouse
30:35 - Take me to church
31:11 - Metal Gear(s) and 2(many)Chainz
32:35 - The crow's nest
33:54 - Legs
35:16 - PRIME TIME
35:44 - Painting at last...
37:09 - Mmm, creamy (painting the houses)
38:06 - Rooves
38:59 - Bricks on bricks on bricks
39:32 - It's plastic, but METAL
41:21 - I'm an oil man (washes and weathering)
42:39 - ASSEMBLING EVERYTHING (the best part)
46:41 - Flocking and final weathering
47:52 - The Beauty Shots
51:41 - Dog-scale
- - - - -

Special Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle aka ハウルの動く城
All Howl's Moving Castle movie clips protected under fair use by way of education and research

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  • At 5:26, the bowl shaped object comes from a craft called “Diamond art”. You can find one in every kit you buy! It helps to hold the “diamonds”.

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