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  • Gud luck on your training little bro 😅 hope there's a sequel 😊

  • the fact that his katana is upwards is making me wanting to commit seppuku 💀

    Theo AnimatesTheo Animates
  • "Your honor, the kid needed to learn somehow."

    Keane Jayden IduriaKeane Jayden Iduria
  • I think that was where his mom mastered the ultimate weapon:

    Fagowora SewmiloreFagowora Sewmilore
  • Boy's so powerful that reality distorts around him

    Zero TechZero Tech
  • This face of disappointment the mom has I just can't 🤣🤣🤣

    Calvin M.Calvin M.
  • Master: Casually grabs child

    Maryia HernandezMaryia Hernandez
  • Even the master got that light skin stare 💀

  • "aAh" got me on the floor🤣🤣😂😂

    Dewi ButetDewi Butet
  • Master and apprentice.... The circle IS now complete!

    UrpiainenTheUrpoilija™ (UTU)UrpiainenTheUrpoilija™ (UTU)
  • The kid: the favourite younger brother

    Patrick starPatrick star
  • Learning kung fu for the first time be like...

    lawrence sabbahlawrence sabbah
  • When he training for himself 🤣🤣🤣

    Eanon ArrisEanon Arris
  • he said:don’t ToTch mY hAiR

    Mallory TojasMallory Tojas
  • Wei Wuxian moment

    Lady Geovanna Bohórquez NúñezLady Geovanna Bohórquez Núñez
  • This Video We Watch It So Many Times It Never Gets Bored

    Aman Asad GamingAman Asad Gaming
  • bro nocliped to the backrooms 💀

  • Se merece 4 oscares

    Cheko SDCheko SD
  • I thought she was gonna punish Big Brother but he had to be flung across the wall XD

  • 和風になってるところ嬉しい