Making Lego Car CROSS Gaps

2021 ж. 19 Қар.
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Testing a Lego car against longer and longer gaps that it needs to drive over. Gradually improving the car until it becomes a capable gap crossing/bridging vehicle. Things you need to consider: wheel diameter, wheel count, 8WD, wheel position, center of mass, frame length, frame strength, moving mass, weight reduction. Enjoy!
Base rules for all builds:
-max length 1 meter
-no steering (to simplify the builds)
-only Lego parts used
Remote control:
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller

  • The way these videos manage to convey a dry sense of humour without a single word spoken is just amazing

    Jack CooperJack Cooper
  • This vehicle changed from a car to a limo to a zip line all in less than 5 minutes. I'm impressed

  • The "raming the moving beam" approach had me chuckle

  • It’s insane how creative and effective that last solution is. I wouldn’t have thought of that in a million years

    Douglas TraceDouglas Trace
  • Eventually this man will find a way to make a Lego car cross the Grand Canyon.

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache
  • The patience that this man has is impressive, he builds that like 10 thousand times and he doesn't get tired!

  • The way he goes from a good solution to a comically ridiculous one is why I love this channel

  • Ah yes, making the vehicle longer than the hole.

    Aniruddha ChatterjeeAniruddha Chatterjee
  • The moving battery was genius. The moving beam was hilarious :D.

  • respect to this guy for re-making it again after it fell so many times also he's a genius for the moving beam!

  • I always love how you show your process for making mechanisms better! This is true engineering and iterative problem solving. Fantastic job!

    Brick MachinesBrick Machines
  • Ah yes, the

  • I love that they absolutely had the capability to put a blanket or a pillow under the gap but instead decided "nah, just let it shatter for the fans"

  • The 60cm solution was basically just “build your own monorail”

    ThatMadEngineer _ThatMadEngineer _
  • I have watched this video at least 5+ times. The way length was never the first option is pure gold.

    Chris WilliamsChris Williams
  • Wow moving the battery was extremely creative...I would have never thought of that solution. By moving the battery, we can shift the center of mass of the car!

    improving guitaristimproving guitarist
  • Mad respect for building the car again and again

  • Dude, you're a genius, no seriously .It would be cool to use this for some kind of back-end espionage, well, or something like that.Keep up the good work

    Sonic the hedgehogSonic the hedgehog
  • I find it funny, that this one guy who posts like every once in a while who builds with Lego’s has a mandatory time slot in my day.

  • The solutions to these gaps are fascinating to watch and quite genius

    Edward MyersEdward Myers