Instant Regret Compilation #6🔥😂

2021 ж. 8 Қыр.
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Instant Regret Clips!
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Video inspired by Razy clips, Failgag, FailArmy
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  • How horrible it must’ve been for that mother to hear the gunshot and to think momentarily that her son had killed himself and then, even worse, to run into the room and experience the heartbreak of realizing that he had not

    Bradd LibbyBradd Libby
  • Mad respect to the guy on the phone for falling in the pool and still going on with the call

    Every Movie HeroEvery Movie Hero
  • I gotta hand it to the guy that slipped into the pool, that was a pretty nice save he did.

    Rhiannon HulickRhiannon Hulick
  • God that Congressmen's face kills me when he's told how stupid he is lol.

    JimAboo's ChannelJimAboo's Channel
  • I'm literally crying at that guy slapping himself with the exercise elastic thing. Fucking hilarious

    Fambo YootFambo Yoot
  • the kid who broke the window needs some MAJOR parenting and help.

    Xeph the TamagochiXeph the Tamagochi
  • The guy on the bike filtering between two trucks totally deserved that.

    lolocaustlolocaust Жыл бұрын
  • Damn, so I guess no one is going to say anything about the cop planting crack and then going after the person recording when found out he was caught?

    House of PainHouse of Pain
  • Homeboy just did a 360 into and out of a pool and never missed a beat on the phone ... That's how it's done

    James PriceJames Price
  • I'm so glad that biker had a camera!! That man was soooo disgusting trying to make him responsible !!! 😡😠

    James BronsonJames Bronson
  • Dude pops off in his room and looks at the blunt like it might not have actually happened.

  • Idiot : "You're full of sh** !"

    - Thisma -- Thisma -
  • The guy between the 2 trucks. Not sure if he won the "Most Stupid Man Award" but he is definitely on the podium....

    Anders BergesenAnders Bergesen
  • “First time driving a forklift, watch out for the customer’s truck”

  • The dude with the gun had me cringing, but also laughing a bit when I watched the gears in his head turning.

  • I sort of respect the dude that hit himself in the face with that exercise band. Dude definitely just wanted to flex some knowledge fucked up, knew he fucked up and just decided to leave.

  • Dude who slip in the pool is a champ. Didn't drop the phone in the water, didn't interrupt his conversation, didn't wreck his face kissing hard the poolside. Catches himself and just sits there like that was the endgame.

    Chance JohnsonChance Johnson
  • 9:07

  • The pothead with the gun. You already knew what was going to happen but seeing his mom come in and beat the s*** out of him screaming where did you get the gun with priceless!!!!! Lol 😆😅🤣

  • Bikers want respect from larger vehicles but yet you drive between two big rigs knowing they didn't see you. You deserved all that plus more.

    Jason HullJason Hull