I Searched 1 Trillion Seeds, Here's What I Found

2021 ж. 10 Қыр.
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Minecraft's RAREST and most INSANE seeds and Minecraft worlds to EVER EXIST. We searched 1 Trillion seeds and these seeds and video are the real deal, you will not find them any other place besides this Minecraft video.





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My Twitter: SipoverS

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Not Minecraft's History on KZworld or Glitches, or even the entire history of minecraft i guess AND very similar but also not The Story of Minecraft, and not even close to Ranking Minecraft's rarest occurrences and Minecrafts most mind-blowing inventions. Dream could totally use some of these seeds for a manhunt speedrunner vs hunters... Or maybe even tommyinnit in a Minecraft Mod video. It's pretty similar to Minecraft's Most Unbelievable Seeds though.

CREDITS (reddit posts included):
Minecraft@Home - Matt, Cortex, DylanDC14, Mooing_Cowmilk, Tomlacko
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  • Send:Im lukcy Me:Idk Defect dragon and enter in olther dimension* Me:OMG I CANT BELIVE THAT, 3 END VILAGES Send:Eh That is real*

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  • 6:24 skypia arc from op

  • Fake

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  • Thanks now i have 7 dimants

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  • I see that square savannah seed but not the one i spawn i didn't see that but from far away

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  • 2:33

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  • mogi copied this video

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  • What if we have a lot of Earths but with different seeds

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  • In Fact, I Bet I Can Name Some Of The Most Known Pizza Places There!

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  • "I Guess We Can Call This Seed Oklahoma." HUH? RUDE. I Live In Oklahoma. There Is PLENTY Of Places There!

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  • Look at 666

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  • He just stole seeds from others videos

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  • What a great video, gonna check those seeds out! Also, would you please mind telling, what is the music used for the video?

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  • rooms:no:rums:yes:

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  • That’s so cool

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  • 4:35 I got that stucture

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  • i also have a world with perfectly intact ship on the water :)

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  • annoying commentary

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  • 10:48 so sus man

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  • 3:48 cursed lava

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  • i think i may have played on the seed with the half exposed, under water stronghold. i know ive come across a very similar stronghold once.

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  • I was playing minecraft with my brother a few days ago and we decided to load up a survival island seed, and when we got there the island we spawned on was surrounded by 4 ocean monuments, we haven’t explored them yet but we will soon, just thought I’d share my own crazy seed experience

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  • Those seed finders must have too much free time

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  • Is these seeds for bedrock cause I tried them and they don’t worl

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  • Dislikes are from the people who searched it for you and you say you searched them…

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  • Savanna platue do remind me of maze runner

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  • Part 2 Right Now

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  • 8:30 I spawn there but with a ocean monuments

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  • Sipover be like 10:56 this video is just starting 🔥

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  • Do these seeds work on bedrock?

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  • 3:44 There are more than 3 End Portals. You'll have to travel F A R to get to them though.

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  • I once found an Ocean Monument over water. Or more like the water didn't spawn.

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  • One trillion seconds is slightly over 31,688 years.

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    • there fore not possible

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  • These seeds are fake 😂

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  • Fun fact a minecraft world have 128 strongholds not 3

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  • I live in Oklahoma there is houses

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  • 3:52 There are a total of 128 Strongholds in a world, the three you showed in the Vid were only on the first ring.

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    • pre 1.9 we only had 3 max in a world

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  • Minecraft is just an amazing game! Very good 1. Also the vid is.

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  • It’s impossible for anyone to search through trillions fo seeds. If you did one seed per second it would take one person over 30,000 years.

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  • I had an OP Minecraft seed you spawn on a 2x3 grass block in the middle of the ocean but you then see a ship wreck and then a desert temple and if you go into the nether with the lava pool near by the temple you spawn inside of a nether fortress one of the most OP seeds I have ever gotten!

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    • I'm not lying but it is java edition

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  • Christmas is early another vid!

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  • 1:30 I found that seed before I thought it was normal but I guess it was rare

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  • ive seen 5 viligers in my minecraft world 1.17

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  • I have a seed for you :seed: cat. You will spawn next to a village

  • Oky I s erender I wat goood. Seed

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  • A human can’t even count to a billion

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  • why this guy is the most desliked video i ever seen in minecraft youtube community.

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  • Actually ilmango went in survival that far out in the end, they crossed the gap on the scicraft server

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  • I found a best seed i spawn in a village and i saw 5 blocksmith

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  • Somehow this gave me anxiety

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  • 2::45 Funny momment

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  • Crazy dud

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  • "10 blacksmiths in a village is the world record!" Me who found 11 blacksmiths in a village: ._.

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  • Wow, I didnt do a seed but i encounterd three villagers conbined together

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  • Comment if you want more seed from me I found crazy seeds

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  • The underwater stronghold went full subnautica real fast

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  • Huh what tuff=diamonds?

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  • Bruh the end but is good seed

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  • "I need to take a dump" -Sun Tzu

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  • 10:50 oh no it's balls villager house

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  • Would it surprise you if I had found an end city bigger than the one in this videos, and even crazier it had 2 ships!!

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  • Actually the seeds that he said in the whole video those seeds would take 3 weeks to find so that’s a crazy thing

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  • is that even possible beacause its impossible to me that theres a path but no house's??

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  • Bruh I live in Oklahoma why is it bad łół

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  • How is lava in the water

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  • The tuff block diamond trick doesn't seem to be working for me... is it patched or am I a dum dum or what?

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  • 6:25 i saw a video in spanish that explained al of why that happens

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  • 10:49 a pp

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  • No seeds in the description?

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  • 2:33 you can also see a pillager outpost lol

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  • No fake nono thes fake 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️😤

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  • oowoaaaa the big ocean one reminds me of the seed i got on my realm ! it even has a mooshroom biome near spawn !

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  • i cant beleive it Minecraft should be god of games

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  • The Oklahoma Glitch Has Been happend to me Once! Does that mean i have a very rare seed?

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  • I think i found a village with no houses too I forgot what seed it is

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  • musroom byamon in spon

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    • you

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