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► Want to know the full video tutorial of this engine, watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7CDv...
This steam engine is capable of producing over 21 Watts of electrical energy.
The boiler was designed with a pressure relief valve, as a safety measure. This boiler can be powered with charcoal as in the video, or even wood.
► You can place your order directly with the owner by email:
wwwrobsonjose@gmail.com or WhatsApp (021) 98603-6370 (Robson José)
► See his homemade lathe on Robson José's channel:
► ATTENTION: it will only be sold within Brazil.
► Technical features:
- To start the engine, it is necessary to preheat the boiler;
- The boiler has a valve that releases excess pressure from the boiler, ensuring user safety;
- The boiler comes with a manometer to check the pressure;
- Piston is 38 mm in diameter and ~50 mm of stroke;
- Kit weight is 11,950 (KG);
- Power generation at full power can reach 7 watts shown in the video. If it is a more efficient generator it is possible to improve the performance;
It is a great product for school purposes or as a decorative item.
It uses coal as an energy source, accompanies the generator that produces electricity, and it is even possible to recharge 12-volt batteries.
- should only be handled with the presence of adults.
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Thank you all for the attention.
Leandro Wagner.


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