How to wood repair

2022 ж. 13 Мау.
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  • That’s an awesome way to turn a knot into a new knot

    Brian LBrian L
  • Halfway watching this and somehow I just knew the comment section wouldn't let me down 😏

    Jack ElevenJack Eleven
  • Damn everything reminds me of her

    Robert WoodRobert Wood
  • I watched that “fix” and RAN to the comments section. 🍿👀

  • And once again, the comment section didn’t disappoint. 😊😂😅

    Sweet Texas TSweet Texas T
  • They have this product at Home Depot called “wood filler”.. Works well.

    Roger StewartRoger Stewart
  • I’ve never checked the comments faster in my entire life

    Justin SJustin S
  • I’ve seen this done before with Ramen noodles it comes out amazing

    Mark BergmannMark Bergmann
  • Lol let's dig out a small hole make it bigger then try and fill it boom looks nothing like it lol great job buddy

    Dillan BriggsDillan Briggs
  • Possibly the dumbest "fix" I've ever seen

    Jeremy MontgomeryJeremy Montgomery
  • I’ve seen gum stuck on the bottom of tables look better then that!

    Hell awaits Hell awaits
  • I wooda filled it with some caulk.. but that's just me. Always playing with my wood. I'll leaf this here for the next sap.

    Nicholas KingsolverNicholas Kingsolver
  • "How to make a natural wood blemish look like total cheap ass"

    Riko LimeRiko Lime
  • У нас так Дошираком еще со времен Тутанхомона чинят 🦉

    My OpinionMy Opinion
  • The way I whipped it out so fast 🥵

  • I feel like doing the same video so everyone can yell at me ❤️😂

    Peanut Pistachio and PrincePeanut Pistachio and Prince
  • Lmao I think he just ground up some Dung from outside 🤣

    Viktor CrossViktor Cross
  • That was nice of you. I’m sure Mr Wood appreciated it. All better now.

    linda bookerlinda booker
  • How to turn a small imperfection into a large imperfection? Lol. Lame

  • Astonishing... Looking for woody holes tomorrow