How to make a knife from wood - Art in your heart |02| - #shorts

2021 ж. 16 Ақп.
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How to make a knife from wood - Art in your heart |02|

Track: Unknown Brain - Why Do I? (feat. Bri Tolani) [NCS Release]
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  • Que lindo

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  • don't forget to give it sharpness 5

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  • Why do i made me song

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  • Arme Oma 😓😭😢😥

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  • Amg galing nong nag tulong good bless koya sana wag kamag bago sao gali mo good bless po

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  • I am crying right now

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  • I love these videos where people help other people

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  • 김치는 대한민국 전통음식입니다

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  • I hope ur *GRANDma* ITS alive forever

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  • Прочтность приравнивается к золотому топору. А если серьезно то онабы еще из пинопласта сдалалабы.

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  • なんで中国人は絵が上手いんですか!

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  • Das ist alles nur Fake

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  • " *Art from wood is beauty and your inside is a sweety* "

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  • Quel bruit fait le 19 mai un en algérien

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  • あんな男の人なんか結婚できないよ おばあちゃんかわいそう女の人優しいなぁ(T . T)

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  • Stop stealing videos from china’s tiktok.You’re bullying them by they don’t know how to use vpn to defend themselves and they just wanna share some impressive idea .you can’t just transport the video without the Author's authorize.

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  • Make your son using wood

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  • Seriously a girl

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  • I like it because it is so good

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  • Limdo

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  • Really talented people, but shovel used as a cutting tool is funny

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  • Itne mehnat karne de behtar h a ke ek knife buy karle,😶😶😶😶😂😂😂😶😶😑😑😑😐😐

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  • I think their whole family is carpenter

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  • 0:12 I love you girl

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  • It's so sad I love it

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    • Y en todo el tiempo que tardo en hacer el Cuchillo El Seños Ya no esta con nosotros

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  • Siempre ayuden a las personas que más lo necesitan

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  • This is a how to vid'

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  • Me gusta lo que hacen por los demas

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  • Btw... The girl was very kind...

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  • Wow... So nice kinife... Can you teach me? 😁

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  • Poor grandma....... The girl is so much respectfull than the man also tis vid make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

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  • Eso de ayudar ala gente lo tendrian que aser todos y mas alos pobres

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  • Русские на связи ?

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  • I love your videos and I love helping the poor

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  • Qual o nome da música what is the name of the song

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