Hermitcraft 9: 14 - 8 Hours of Hermitcraft!

2022 ж. 17 Мам.
706 710 Рет қаралды

Hermitcraft 9: 14 - 8 Hours of Hermitcraft!
Iskall spends 8 hours on the HermitCraft server and gets a new mega machine of doom made!

Hermitcraft Season 9 Seed: Nope.... no seed :D

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  • It’s funny how many adults watch hermitcraft unironically (even famous ones like ludwig apparently). You guys really do minecraft for all ages, no cursing, no loud obnoxious yelling or anything that turns off adult viewers. Just veteran minecraft players enjoying the game and interacting with eachother to make projects or entertain the viewers in whatever schemes they have planned. I can see me watching this content for years and shamelessly putting it on for my future children to enjoy along with me.

  • The second Dare Stick should be called the "Secondarey Stick," And it'd be more interesting if it had slightly different rules.

  • 5:05

    Tristan GoncalvesTristan Goncalves
  • "He was so confused!"

    Skyler HartSkyler Hart
  • i love how you did the 8 hours thing. it makes me feel a lot better about how long it takes me to do things. watching a series like this, it's easy to forget that the creators take days to do their builds and such and not minutes like it seems.

  • I think there should be a item frame (with a stick) at the dare “monument” under hermits heads so that hermits know who has it/ had it

    Tobi The BakaTobi The Baka
  • I read the title and was hoping for an 8 hour episode 😭😭😭

    FunkyChicken #2FunkyChicken #2
  • So this episode was 8 hours of playtime, but it has me wondering how long the rest of the video making process took.

  • The phrase "I double dog dare you" comes to mind when putting two dare sticks™ in play, could be an interest combo if two hermits decide to use their dares together on one hermit to be a "double dare". Admittedly not sure what the stakes would be but just spit balling here

  • 12:54

  • about the second dare stick tm: I think you should do the same thing as when you gave a way the elytra, put it in a dispenser and hermits can get punished by having to do a small dare or win a dare stick tm.

  • I definitely think you need to add another Dare Stick. There are so many people signed up people will forget about the game before they get a turn. I think just daring someone is fine. All the other Hermits seemed super excited for it so I don't think anyone would be upset if you just made another and started a dare with someone

  • Iskalls my favorite hermit simply because he can make the simplest clip of almost nothing hilarious. Maybe it’s just how he talks but I love listening to him just talk to us. Especially all those end busting streams with Mumbo back in season 6, they gotta bring those back I miss those! Hands down the funniest hermit craft content I’ve ever watched

    Ian CatizoneIan Catizone
  • "I'm gonna see how much I can get done in 8 hours!" then works with villagers... LOL

    Eddie Tucker IVEddie Tucker IV
  • Love how he just casually catches a blue axolotl. And acts like it's nothing. 😂

    Peter KrämerPeter Krämer
  • Living for the Charles X Graham relationship

    Andy BrennanAndy Brennan
  • 11:55

    Bits BobsBits Bobs
  • Love how X has the screenshot ready if there are any lag problems around spawn town 🤣

  • Love that reaction to Grian joining hermit chal- .....dares. 😂

    Aine KellyAine Kelly
  • This guy gives off such a positive energy that lifts everyone’s spirits and makes everyone feel better ❤️❤️❤️

    Best MinecraftBest Minecraft