2022 ж. 28 Қаз.
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  • Papa is next up guys dont sleep on him

  • Thank you to the Beta Squad for having me! It was great fun! And big up Manik MC! He’s crazy good!

  • I love when niko says the guest is a underground influencer 😂

  • These men were cold! 🥶 Hahaha! Loved the B2B cypher by the two MC's. Good episode boys! Keep it up ❤

  • Beta squad is so humble ... doing bits for smaller rappers. Nice of them to bring stormzy on

  • This is the most entertaining video i've watched on youtube in a while.

  • Fair play to stormzy getting this collab he’s going places

  • it was pretty obvious its number 2 the first one said hes a battle rapper the real rapper the one for the studio was number 2.. He was even able to freestyle words on demand he said he was an mc and proved it by his flow and what he did. Also i wanted discount stormzy to actually rap to shut up as that would of been hilarious.. But honestly the bally man he's funny

  • You know what makes this vid iconic the fact that Manik has literally been on the colour show and he is on The Silhouettes project album, his rap is so different to what he was doing here though

  • As a certified Portuguese speaker, that sounded like he was speaking jibberish

  • I knew it was number 2.. his flows were so smooth

  • This was the best episode by FARRRR

  • This Stormzy guy really seems like he knows his stuff. Maybe he should pursue a rapping career himself

  • Number 2's flow was excellent. Manik MC, gah-damn!

  • There’s just something about Stormzy❤ God! his humility ! I love that guy

  • Every time Stormzy says I can’t lie, you have to drink

  • This episode had me dying of laughter it actually made me forget about my depression. Thank you guys.

  • Next… guess the beatboxer. That would be sick❤

  • The one who did the casting DESERVES a raise cause this was DAMN impressive!!!!!

  • I already saw Gemini battle big t back in the day. He's a somewhat known battle rapper.