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2022 ж. 22 Там.
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Join Hacker, Sir Humphrey and Bernard for the 2nd part of our Yes, Prime Minister Series 1 compilation! Watch Part 1 here 👉
Yes, Prime Minister:
Yes, Minister:
Only Fools and Horses:
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  • "Ah, Goofy!"

    BBC Comedy GreatsBBC Comedy Greats
  • It's a shame that they no longer do this type of documentary.

  • Absolutely superb. Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are the finest comedies to have come to our screens 😂💎😂

    Andreas HaynesAndreas Haynes
  • I often use Yes, Minister, Yes, Prime Minister shows to help my wife understand what is really going on in current politics.

  • "I don't think Sir Humphrey understands economics, he read classics" - Yes Minister/Prime Minister is always relevant.

  • Such a brilliant trio of actors, bringing remarkable scripts to the screen. Paul E was just classic and Sir H...a masterstroke of writing and acting.

    Mike WilliamsMike Williams
  • The scene with the Israeli ambassador is fantastic. The actor who plays him is excellent. The way he says "I know" is perfect.

  • I loved Yes Minister when I was a young teen back in the early 80s, I still love it the same way today. The series is timeless.

  • "Nurses in teachers can't vote against me until the next election. Backbenchers can vote against me at 10 o'clock tonight." LMAO.

  • Pure genius. The sad part is that nothing has changed since Sir Humphrey was in the job.

    Joe KingJoe King
  • Please put this series back on our TV in 2022 - it has never been more relevant

    Denny HutchisonDenny Hutchison
  • What a brilliant show! A real documentary. Nothing like this now days. Sadly.

    The Ancient AstronomerThe Ancient Astronomer
  • Brilliant how Humphrey switches from super arrogant and self assured to meek, humble and frightfully neurotic so easily.......such superb acting!!!!

  • Absolutely brilliant writing and acting. So may of these episodes ring as true to day as they did when they first aired. Since it is so dialogue based it translates perfectly to Audible and I spent many, many months listening to these episodes on my depressing long rail commutes in to and out from London and to this day this is still my go to series to watch when I have the odd hour or two to spare.

    John ReaderJohn Reader
  • I loved watching this when I was younger, wish they would bring it back! Such accurate representation of how government works! Hilarious! 😂

    Beverly HitchonBeverly Hitchon
  • They'll never be anyone as good as Yes Minister again. This and Fawlty Towers - the pinnacle of British comedy.

    Ian RivlinIan Rivlin
  • One of the most comical series ever, timeless .

    Linda McKenzieLinda McKenzie
  • It's quite impressive how they manage to deliver these convoluted lines so flawlessly

  • The caricature of an MP has not changed! Brilliant.

    Jules HorseJules Horse
  • Dad's army, Fawlty Towers, Yes minister/ Prime Minister and Blackadder