Giant Pomeranian INSANE hair explosion + Satisfying clean up after a FURnado

2022 ж. 25 Мам.
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Ilo the Finnish Lapphund gets groomed 😀
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  • Thank you so much Vanessa! A lot smaller dog came home but oh so huggable and smelling fabulous. You are so amazing at what you do so big thank you from Ilo and all of us. Thank also for the kind comments here!

    Art by Petra-MariaArt by Petra-Maria
  • Ilo's head tilting is cuteness overload. What a beautiful boy.

    June AsiimweJune Asiimwe
  • The undercoat nozzle never fails to amuse me, it looks like the dog is gently melting. My goodness, that head tilt is too cute.

    potato potatopotato potato
  • I love how nearly all the dogs walk through the door to your salon like a boss, like they've been there a million times, even though many of them are new 😂

  • I have so much more respect for groomers. You work even harder after the grooming is done to clean up. Hats off to you lady. 🥰

    dreamersleepwalkerdreamersleepwalker7 сағат бұрын
  • I like how Elo turns his head from side to side and poses after his grooming. He definitely think he's the cat's meow.

    bettymilk mooneybettymilk mooney
  • Every second was so satisfying to watch! Thank you!

    Rada RadaRada Rada4 сағат бұрын
  • i think there was a whole other dog left behind in that undercoat! 😂 He looks soooo good!

    Dawn GoodenDawn Gooden2 сағат бұрын
  • You had me at giant Pomeranian!! I love Elo!

    Pom PomPom Pom2 сағат бұрын
  • Question: Accounting for the time the groom itself takes, and the time of cleanup, how many pets do you usually have time to see in a day, on average?

  • I worked eight years as a line cook and got into the grooming scene when Covid shut it all down. I had always dreamed of being a groomer but never took the chance. Best career change ever! I work in a corporate company but have dreams of running my own show! Thank you for all the awesome videos!

    Laura SherwoodLaura Sherwood
  • Looks like she could create a whole new dog with all that extra fur.🐶❤️

    Rebecca CastroRebecca Castro
  • Wow, Ilo looked

  • Ilo was such a patient young man during his extensive grooming. I just kept thinking about how all that fur fits right in with him being a Finnish pup. And his posing and head- tilting at the end really got me!

    nerd alert nownerd alert now
  • As a groomer, seeing you remove all that undercoat in the tub with the save your fur nozzle is so satisfying. I work for corporate, so I don't have the freedom to use a tool like that at my salon, but I hope in the future I can explore it. Thanks for your videos, they inspired me to get into the industry, and continue to inspire me to do better and learn more about my craft. Sending love, xo

    Been DeadBeen Dead
  • Ilo’s head tilts are everything.😩🥰

  • YAY ILO IS BACK!! the furnado always reminds me of my own precious finnish lapphund who's sadly crossed the rainbow bridge already. such wonderful dogs ❤and ilo's head tilt is 10/10!! x

  • One word for Ilo: Exquisite. ❤

  • The head tilts at the end of the groom were priceless. That dog should be on television!

    Harry BurkettHarry Burkett
  • I had no idea there were head tilting giant Pomeranians!!!!!! Ilo was sooooooo cute❣️

    Russell SateleRussell Satele