Fall Asleep in Under 3 MINUTES | Body Mind Restoration | Melatonin Release

2021 ж. 15 Қар.
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  • I know my comment is easily lost here, but if you're reading this, it's no coincidence. Be sure, gain strength! Even if you are going through something very difficult in your life. Believe that everything will work out! This is just a phase, hang on! I know we don't know each other, but I believe in you! Rest assured that God is always on your side!

    Dream LandDream Land
  • Whoever is reading this, I pray for you a heart free of sadness, a mind free of worries, a life full of gladness, a body free of illness & a day full of God’s blessings.💙💙💙

    Meditation MelodyMeditation Melody
  • Don’t worry, this pain you’re feeling is temporary. Close your eyes and remember that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start. Take deep breaths, you’re gonna be alright, I promise 💞

    Relaxing Sleep Music ♪Relaxing Sleep Music ♪
  • Love, Peace Success and Happiness for 2023 to anyone reading my message. Stay Safe. 💜🌷💜

    Marlena Forbes-ReidyMarlena Forbes-Reidy28 күн бұрын
  • Você que está ouvindo essa música, não desanime..não desista..vc faz parte do todo..e vc mora dentro do Deus que mora dentro de vc.

    Marcia AgostinhoMarcia Agostinho
  • Как же приятно здесь быть, столько любви!

    Нина ДудкинаНина Дудкина
  • Tu, el que no puedes dormir y necesitas relajarte o te sientes solo, te doy un fuerte abrazo y te deseo felices sueños!!

    Nature Sound - Rain soundNature Sound - Rain sound
  • Всем кто не спит и слушает эту музыку, мира, любви, света и конечно крепкого сна.🧡

    El GEl GКүн бұрын
  • Wishing everyone that watches this video has a comfortable sleep and all their anxieties are washed away

    Soul Meditation MusicSoul Meditation Music
  • Me encanta la música,los peces,el agua toda la naturaleza,pero no puedo dormir.

    Norma PorrasNorma Porras
  • If you are reading this, you are on the right path and close to manifesting greatness! ❤🙏

    Danny MahoneyDanny Mahoney
  • We may not all speak the same language or carry the same scars, but we all feel love, heartbreak, and sadness. I send love and light out to all sentient beings who need healing and love. May this video bring you soulful love, abundant joy, and meaningful happiness. You are loved, you are needed and you are a blessing upon this earth. 🙏❤🌈☀

    The Relaxation Zen ZoneThe Relaxation Zen Zone18 сағат бұрын
  • Мир вам, пусть всё будет хорошо кто читает этот комментарий

    Андрей РейАндрей Рей
  • Это благодать для тела и души... Пусть каждый, кто слушает это, наполнится Божьей благодатью, окутается Любовью, пусть все проблемы и переживания растворятся в Океане Любви... Мы связаны друг с другом, и каждый из нас - часть этого Источника Вечной Любви... Помни об этом...

    Тройное ЭхоТройное Эхо
  • I wish all people reading this a peaceful night and God's blessings in everything you do and that you heal all your pain, tomorrow is a brighter day, never lose hope! 🙏🏻 🌙

    Adriana JAdriana J14 күн бұрын
  • Using my light to send to anyone who needs it, life can be tough but no battle is too tough for us. This is our journey sending light and love to you all. FROM THE HEART OF SOURCE❤️🦋and may your wishes be fulfilled

    Self masterySelf mastery23 сағат бұрын
  • I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. You’re so much closer than you realize. I love you

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  • Господи, пошли сон тому, кто в нем нуждается. Дай насладиться прекрасной мелодией тому, кто просто слушает музыку и погружен в фантастический подводный мир. Счастья и благополучия нам всем. Мира на земле для всех живущих на этой планете.!

    Ольга БыковаОльга Быкова21 күн бұрын
  • The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !!

    Positive Energy MeditationPositive Energy Meditation
  • I can’t believe how much positivity there is in these comments. I’ve read things that complete strangers have written and felt comfort, some even brought me to tears. If only the whole world was like this comment section. I hope everyone here finds what it is that they’re searching for.

    Kaitlyn NelsonKaitlyn Nelson