Explaining Irish Wedding Drinking To An American Doctor. - (Uncensored) - Jarlath Regan - Standup

2021 ж. 27 Мам.
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(Unbleeped! As requested by our excellent channel subscribers) Live organ donation is no joke but there are some laughs to be found in the process. Comedian Jarlath Regan donated a kidney to his brother and wrote a hit standup show about it. This is a clip from that show - uncensored. Recorded at Vicar Street the same night of taping his new standup special Notions Eleven. Available to stream for free now here on my KZworld channel. For even more sign up at www.patreon.com/irishmanabroad

  • I’ve been to one Irish wedding in my life. In Killarney in 2019. I had heard all the jokes and stereotypes about Irish weddings and assumed that’s all they were. About three hours into the reception, I saw a man drinking out of a flower vase centerpiece, seemingly thinking it was a fancy cocktail. It completely lives up to the hype.

    Aidan KeohaneAidan Keohane
  • I saw an Irish doctor years ago in Edinburgh. He asked how often I drank, & I said "socially" (was in my twenty-something student years!). He then asked where I was from. When I enquired why he wanted to know he said "Well...I come from Ireland, & 'social drinking' there is very different from the rest of the world!!" It still makes me chuckle!

    Susan MullenSusan Mullen
  • The difference between a Irish funeral and a Irish wedding is one less drunk

    David DawickiDavid Dawicki
  • As a dialysis patient with a family full of people who have received kidneys, I want to thank you for giving your brother a kidney. Its not an easy thing to do. You are an Amazing Person.

    Samantha WillSamantha Will21 күн бұрын
  • When I went to the Oktoberfest, I went with three of my friends on a coach trip and we stayed at a hotel in the Austrian Alps. We were the four English lads, and there was a group of four Irish lads, and four Australian lads. The Aussies were absolutely full of themselves and decided that they wanted to challenge us and the Irish to a drinking competition. I wasn't interested, we weren't into the drink that much (aside from Neil) and we became known as the group that stank of weed, but the Irish took up the challenge without a shred of arrogance. We all know how this ends. The Aussies were throwing up and fucked off to bed while the Irish were swimming in a freezing lake. One of them nearly got into trouble, he had to sit in a warm shower for half an hour to fend off hypothermia. Naturally he was drinking in the shower while warming back up. The Aussie lads were a bit quieter the next day, like the arrogance had been sapped out of them.

    Ong BongaOng Bonga
  • My parents are from Ireland and when people asked him, if they had 4th of July in Ireland, he replied "why yes we do, we also have the 5th,6th, all 31 days infact". Or if a co-worker asked him if he liked their new suit, he replied "it's beautiful, too bad they didn't have it in your size". 😂 I think the accent let him get away with it, I miss my parents.

  • For those that don't know, when you get a kidney transplant they do not remove the defective kidneys. They just make room for a good one. Which is why his brother has three.

  • I lived with my Norwegian girlfriend in Oslo for many years, and it always amused me the amount of psychiatrists in Norway, pages upon pages of them in the phone book and to which she thought was perfectly normal.

  • Had an elderly man as a patient and he would tell us that he was from Cork and when he was born they took the cork out and haven't stopped drinking since...he was about 90 years old and funny as can be.

    Anne BelgardAnne Belgard
  • I'm an American. My grandparents were Irish immigrants. We paid for our wedding bar by the hour, not the drink or per person (the other option). I think we won on that equation in the first of 4 hours. Our guests drank A LOT. That's the point of wedding receptions. Unless you are a kid. Then it's cake.

    Paint and puzzlePaint and puzzle
  • I, an American Irishman and former bartender of almost 20 years, donated a kidney to my father many years ago. At that time I had a very similar conversation with not one, but 3 or 4 doctors. You see, donating can take time. From the first test to the time we actually did the transplant was roughly 3 years. When the first doctor asked me if I drink I asked "what days?"

    TeeJay DoyleTeeJay Doyle
  • Currently watching this in Ireland hungover to bits after a serious drink-drinking session at a cousins wedding yesterday. I actually think I might still be drunk tbh 😅

  • “‘Cause you don’t know how long that ceremony’s gonna take.”

    Marcus SoldateMarcus Soldate
  • I had a Slavic patient who came in for alcohol excess. He seemed remorseful and said he was willing to ´give up alcohol’ and agreed to seeing the Alcohol Liaison Team. It turned out on deeper conversation that he was only going to stop drinking hard drinks but don’t count beer and vodka as alcohol so yeah, he’ll keep drinking those. 😆 Just amusing how some cultures love their alcohol.

    Furry FuryFurry Fury
  • Omg my poor husband is trying to sleep in the next room and I am pissing myself with laughter here, trying not to wake him up. This was great, thank you! I love how you imitate not only the accent but the tremendous sincerity of the American doctors. And I love how you describe wanting to just cut loose with the sarcasm, omg that was just hilarious.

    Luminya MLuminya M
  • Thanks for the laugh.

    Matt Smedley. one handed gaming review.Matt Smedley. one handed gaming review.
  • Mate, you switch flawlessly from an Irish accent to an American accent. Great bit, loved it.

    Passport GrantedPassport Granted
  • I was at an Irish wedding last year. It started with a party on the Thursday night then an all day sess on Friday. Saturday was the wedding and it started at lunchtime and we were still drinking singing and dancing till 4am. Sunday was another party with the bride and groom still there. Monday the bride and groom were gone but we raised a few glasses until the early hours singing and telling funny stories about them. It took me a month to detox and sweat the alcohol out of my system. The hotel must have made a fortune they even opened a small function room up for the kids and showed cartoons and laid on a free finger buffet and juice. Best wedding EVER I'll never forget it 🥳🍺🍾🥂🍷🍸🍻🥃🍹💃

    BrownEyed GirlBrownEyed Girl
  • The closest I ever came was a Scottish wedding and it resembled your description. First and only time i have experienced Drink until Sober. So... I am scared to be invited to an Irish wedding.

    Christopher BellamyChristopher Bellamy14 күн бұрын
  • I’m of Irish descent and this is so funny because the habits remain in the diaspora multiple generations deep - I thought everyone was like this and all weddings were like ours and baptisms and funerals

    Emily SilverEmily Silver14 сағат бұрын