David Walliams Infuriated By Noel & Russell's CORRECT Answers On Big Fat Quiz

2022 ж. 2 Шіл.
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It was all fun and games until Russell and Noel took it serious.
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  • I love how Jimmy correctly anticipates Noel and Russell knowing about a giant rabbit.

    Steve DiceSteve Dice
  • I can see why they put Noel and Russell together they are comedy gold like two schoolboys who have never grown up but are living their best life 😂

    Stuart FrancisStuart Francis
  • My favorite part of this is watching Rob’s increasingly uncomfortable facial reactions to his partner’s childish behavior.

    Elizabeth S.Elizabeth S.
  • What I love about this is Walliams is genuinely upset and desperately trying to cover it up and pretend to just be joking. Rob is in for the ride and playing along with the bit of being pissed, and I'm 100% sure is laughing his ass of inside

    Will NewingWill Newing
  • 6:09

  • Honestly the rest of the guests and Jimmy do a great job of diffusing the tension brought over by Walliams's whining

    yo listen up kidsyo listen up kids
  • Good job to the whole cast for playing up the situation to make it even more funny.

    Hugh MooreHugh Moore
  • Imagine Noeal and Russell as two tv detectives... i would watch that.

  • Noel and Russell and Noel and Richard Ayoade are both classic teams.

    Mike PetersMike Peters
  • Anyone who annoys David Walliams goes up in my estimation immediately.

  • I love that the goth detectives don't care about winning besides the fact it'll make Walliams apeshit.

    Tony JacksonTony Jackson
  • I met David Walliams when I used to be a TV extra. He was a diva, spoke rudely and shortly to everyone and even snapped his fingers at the runners to bring him a water. If my memory serves right he also had at attitude about the water being the wrong temperature 🙄 While he might play up a bit for the cameras, unfortunately he was also like it when they're not rolling 😬

    Koa & Luana BunniesKoa & Luana Bunnies
  • Who else has been waiting way too damn long for Noel and Russell to once again take over the British game show industry

    Molly TaylorMolly Taylor
  • Jonathan's deflect at the end was perfect 😂😂

    Andrei AndrofskiAndrei Androfski
  • This 12 minute clip is genuinely better than full episodes in recent years

  • This will forever be the greatest episode in the history of Big Fat Quiz ever, there I said it.

  • David is like my 7 year old. Sore loser, yet celebrates huge when winning.

  • This is my favorite show on TV every year, but I never rewatch the ones with David Walliams because he just takes everything too seriously and brings down the whole mood. It's supposed to be fun!

    kaz zakaz za
  • This is one of the funniest big fat quiz episodes ever. Such a shame we don't have the full episode here on the channel x

  • Literally (not figuratively) never seen Walliams NOT being a twat.