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Based on true events, Christine is the shocking story of a Florida news reporter who, in 1974, shocked the world by taking her own life live on air. Christine, always the smartest person in the room at a small town Florida news station, is relentless in her pursuit of an on-air position. As an aspiring newswoman with an eye for nuance and an interest in social justice, she finds herself constantly butting heads with her boss, who pushes for juicier stories that will drive up ratings. Plagued by self-doubt and a tumultuous home life, Christine’s diminishing hope begins to rise when an on-air co-worker initiates a friendship, which ultimately becomes yet another unrequited love. Disillusioned as her world continues to close in on her, Christine takes a dark and surprising turn. (Original Title - Christine) - 2017 Fresh Jade Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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