CATch Me If You Can 3

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Phil takes a wild ride as he tries his hardest to teach a pair of mischievous kittens a lesson.
Special thanks to Energizer for sponsoring this video. Check out to meet the whole cat fam.

Turn on Closed Captions for Phil’s commentary.

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Talent: Anthony DeFeo, Bennett Pollack-Reeber, David Duplechin, Lance B. Witmer, Naila Reina Macias, Rhys Duffy, Shelise Ann Sola, Tony Robinette, Anton Hedayat, Beau Hogan, Biani Benitez, Brandon Loftin, Brendan Patterson, Bruno Zaniboni, Cassidy Ingram, Damian Young, Danielle Soucie, Dante Perry Ayala, Elijah Van Zanten, Josh Vulcano, Lauren Elyse Buckley, Madison Picazo, Maria & Salame Krangel, Minerva Mendez, Nathan Jackson, Samori Dobson, Victor Urban Picazo, Jahmilla (Myla) Jackson, Gage Young, Jelena Puskic, Derrick Arledge, Pino Martinez, Cristina Bernal

Singer: Alfredo Carrillo

Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Mark S

Director: Aaron Benitez

Produced by: Aaron Benitez

Production Coordinator: Lance B. Witmer

Production: Rhys Duffy, Lance B. Witmer, Jonathan Dennill, Lorenzo Anzoleaga, Biani Benitez, Bailey


Sound: Kenji

VFX: Natalia Raz, CG Art, Narendra Moond, Ben Klewais, Aaron

Sunshine Market in Whittier, CA.

  • Thanks for watching everyone. Turn on closed captions to see Phil's thoughts.

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