Cartoon cat in real life vs My cat Rory- The Horror Story

2021 ж. 4 Ақп.
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  • It looks like it's not cartoon cat because it's a girl because she's wearing girl pants

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  • Your cat looks traumatized :'>

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  • So cute.

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  • Is sooooooo Cute!!!!! Is mi love Cartoon Cat is so cute,pro,suoer!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😺😺😺😺😺😸😸😸😸

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  • 0:30 *when an imposter is near you in among us*

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  • Its not horror but its fun and cute😆😄

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  • This video is fake

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  • My cat

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  • The cat is like GET AWAY YOU DUMMY CAT 😁🤣🤣😂😂 but that's a person inside of that costume

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    • @Batuhan Dereli what you said I can't read none of that

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  • I really really love this

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  • That a human not me cat

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  • More

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  • Wow Rory is so cute like my little cat named toothless and shadow and Alex I have mor cats I have 4 cats

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  • I hate you

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  • cartoon cat is real

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  • is so cute wow cat and cartoon cat

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  • This must be grampys house

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  • I see the skin

  • Cartoon cat is fake

  • Hello hola

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  • the feed itself falls to the floor

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  • 100% FAKE

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  • i relax while watching Rory the Cat videos so cute, what about you

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  • cats vs cartoonn cats

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  • Lol.

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  • Not real cartoon cat

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  • Lol

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  • I mean they both cats so I think they would get along.

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  • Not real cartoon cat is bigger than all of us and are homes

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  • Es pura mentira es un disfras y efectos especiales

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  • Dit ist so cooles Video😂

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    • Luta livre mesmo você tá certo opção tô pensando no 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I love it

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  • Where ju find costume

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  • Hehe cat

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  • Falso no está cartoon cat en tu casa😠

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  • Rory he was petting you! Me:lucky Rory.....

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  • This is fake cartoon cat this is people in the skin cartoon cat!

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  • He is not Curtin cat i see a wisc

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  • Cats guy go

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  • That cat. MEOW = Wrong Cat talk = True Calculations

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  • Not real life cartoon cat only a Custome

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    • it's edition

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  • wow i love it

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  • Cartoon cat is fake trust me!

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  • Rory is funny

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  • Si se ve que cartón cat tiene un disfraz de cartooon cat un umano cuando come se le ve la mano de umano seguro está editando

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    • si solo es edicion

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  • poor cat

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  • Cats voice is so cute i love cats

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  • Cartoon Dog

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  • That is a costume of Cartoon cat because I see skin like kind of like human skin right?

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  • es falso

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  • Cartoon cat ? 👍

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  • Cartoocat♡♡Love

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  • 0:49 love it

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  • My favorite pet is cat and my fish

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  • 😂ajaja no😾

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  • I love da cats voice -w-

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  • i knew that was a costume bc i saw the skin when the { cartoon cat} grabbed rory.

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  • your channel is my name

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  • I would be surprised if you made that thing on your head

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    • Because it looks cool

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  • The Cat in real life

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  • Thats human with a cartoon cat shirt

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  • This whole time when the cat meets cartoon cat he’s just like “wot da fak”

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  • what the flip

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  • cat sex 0:37

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  • I like how the cat was vs cartoon cat like cat vs cartoon cat XD

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  • Nice cotume

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