Carrying The Legacy Best I Can🥰

2022 ж. 1 Там.
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this makes it feel more like home idk

  • this makes it feel more like home idk

    Peet MontzingoPeet Montzingo
  • Everyone: Aww that’s so so wholesome!!

    S MoonS Moon
  • It's so obvious you grew up with a lot of love. You truly care about your family's comfort. It touches my heart.

    Janet DuncanJanet DuncanКүн бұрын
  • Without doing it, you just get homesick, even still doing it, you get homesick. Honestly pretty sad 🤷‍♀️

  • Why did this make me tear up?!? I love the warmth of this video. Now I'm bawling missing my family so much it hurts. I need a hug.
  • The pacing and the way it's shot & edited increases the calm loving nature. There's real heartfelt love that brings the wholesomeness up higher.

    Gretchen IsasquirrelGretchen Isasquirrel
  • Yea i feel that homesickness. I still keep doing little habits from when I was living with my family. I remember when I first moved out I used to wait to eat dinner with them but I kept forgetting that I don’t need to wait for anyone.

    Joy MJoy M
  • There’s such a sweet and pure love in this family that you don’t see very often. Makes me miss my momma 💕

    let'sCARPE thisDIEMlet'sCARPE thisDIEM
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  • Aww the comforts of home... be great when mama comes to visit!! She will love it..

    Gina GriffisGina Griffis
  • I'm literally a 4'11 guy and this makes me smile for some reason because I hate being short asf but seeing as how happy he is born in a small family it gives me peace. Full of wholesomeness

  • So sweet my heart can’t cope 😭❤️

    Chloe MeganChloe Megan
  • Awe! This hit me right in the freakin feels.

  • Funny how he chose the small water bottle in a clip, but at dinner he had the big water bottle 💀

    Lily&Baron Lily&Baron
  • Him: takes a little bottle

  • It's so cute to see he really loves everything small even though he makes jokes about his back hurting and stuff

    Ari WoodwardAri Woodward21 күн бұрын
  • i love that peet decided to become known on social media :) his fam is such a wholesome sight

    gg Mochiegg Mochie
  • Peet your stuff is so damn wholesome, Cinnamon Rolls are knocking at the door asking you to please ease on the sweetest cause that's their thing.

    Kelee HennKelee Henn
  • Everyone:” awww so wholesome”

  • My mom is a short person, my dad build the house with her size in mind and I only realized this when I went to school and find the light switches at my eye level.

    NekuNeku7 сағат бұрын