Canelo Álvarez

2022 ж. 6 Мам.
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  • Bivol in his head “I MUST BREAK YOU” Russian accent.

    Lewis BurtonLewis Burton
  • Now I hope they stop that nonsense that he can go all the way up to heavyweight and beat Usyk 🤦‍♂️

    sergio morasergio mora
  • My man canelo finally fought someone with some POP 🤣

    Dj JosephDj Joseph
  • My man was expecting a simple 1-2 🤣

    Jose Mari Antonio FajardoJose Mari Antonio Fajardo
  • Canelo pride "I will do my head movement ultra instinct"🤣 😭😭

    ChilliwaR ZneRChilliwaR ZneR
  • Jajajajaj el mejor libra x libra q putiza le metieron jajajaj, pensó q sería igual q el Jr.

    Emmanuel SarmientosEmmanuel Sarmientos
  • The distance, timing and fluidity was just flawless. Bivol is a monster

    Sultan MahmoodSultan Mahmood
  • Almost seem like Canelo knew he couldn’t hurt Bivol and was giving up on the last rounds he was tired and outclassed. Such an amazingly boxer that Bivol is

    Vne ProjectsVne Projects
  • I heard that Valdez talked to Canelo in the locker room after the fight to lecture him about his mistakes. 😆

    Golden SpermGolden Sperm
  • Judges tried 😂

    TrueGolden BoyChampTrueGolden BoyChamp
  • It was at this time canelo realize he wasn't going to win

    jonathan cruzjonathan cruz
  • Every time Canelo leaned forward on his front foot or leaned back on his back foot Bivol blasted him with punches. Canelo had no answers. Lupita1
  • Bivol whooped that ass

    Sebastian RodriguezSebastian Rodriguez
  • Gave that man a whole 10 piece combo literally 🤣🤣

    Ray RogersRay Rogers
  • Y todavía el canelo diciendole "" pégame más, al cabo que ni me dolió 🤕🤒😂🤣

    Juan RodriguezJuan Rodriguez
  • He blocked most of the punches with his face.

    Lafayette BakerLafayette Baker
  • Canelo is so hardheaded… he finally used the shoulder roll at the end. He can thank his father, Mayweather, for teaching him that but obviously he didn’t learn anything from that a** whoopin

  • Dude had them ptsd flashbacks from the Floyd fight while getting hit 🤣

    Jesus GJesus G
  • He was taking 2/3 combos like that every rounds; countless jabs yet he still believed he won🤔

    jonathan mudiayijonathan mudiayi
  • He even used the shoulder roll that Maywether used on him. 😆 🤣 😂

    Moon AetMoon Aet