Brave HAMSTER vs ROBOT MONSTERS - Real life pet hamster action

2022 ж. 24 Мау.
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Our brave little hero Major Hamster has defeated many robots on his adventures! Here are the best and most epic battles between Major Hamster and evil robots! From robot zombies, cat tank army, robot mummy, giant minecraft creeper, robot ninjas and more! No monster robot can defeat Major Hamster! Epic battles with robots and real life pet hamster!
Major hamster (original Major and his son Buffy) are trained hamsters. They love to explore and they are never under any pressure while filming. They are always rewarded with treats.

  • Как всегда топ)

  • Is there another idea to go on an adventure with a major hamster, like a maze with more satisfying obstacles, but that's okay - am I still enjoying a video that has been around for a long time. I love major hamster 😘🐹

    Potatoe's gameplayPotatoe's gameplay
  • Yay! Major Hamster is so brave ❤️

    Rafael LopezRafael Lopez
  • It's been 3 years since i watched this channel

  • I love major hamster and even tried creating my own adventures but they weren't as good as yours. Could u also tell us when pt 5 of when major hamster goes to the underground world to rescue captain coal is coming out?

    Kristina MKristina M
  • El Major Hamster es el mejor pasando pruebas

    Debora ChavesDebora Chaves
  • Original idea👍super👏

    Quest HamsterQuest Hamster
  • It's a really cool piece of art~

  • Love hamsters

    Miraculous content and more willcombackaftermonthsMiraculous content and more willcombackaftermonths
  • As always good video 💕🤩

    Epic RunnerEpic Runner
  • yes! this is great stuff guys... dont know how, but its entertainment on its finest if you ask me!

    Teemow TeeTeemow Tee
  • So Cute And Adorable!! Cutest hamster!!

    Stephanie KaoStephanie Kao
  • Not only is this HIGHLY entertaining and full of incredible artwork, but this tiny hamster must have the most stimulating and fulfilling life and rodent has ever had. It is a joy to get to watch him having such grand experiences, as people don’t realize that rodents crave playtime and puzzles and exploration! This guy is the happiest hamsteer - alive!

    Crazy HamsterCrazy Hamster
  • Major hamster is very cool😎 he has good knowledge

    Utpal MandalUtpal Mandal
  • Always a pleasure to watch. Good ideas in there.

    Martial GuittenyMartial Guitteny
  • Its even entertaining to watch all these clips for the 3rd time! How is the crew doing? <3

    Just A SealJust A Seal
  • Lol awesome and cute

    Elijah1653 ArchetypeElijah1653 Archetype
  • It was funny while hammy was fighting with ninja robots🤖 haiyah!

    sonu Ksonu KКүн бұрын
  • sweet @Crazy Hamster!

    Johnson AmyJohnson Amy