Blue Lagoon 3. The Awakening ( La Isla Bonita - Super Mix - Madonna )

2022 ж. 20 Шіл.
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Return to the Blue Lagoon.
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening is a 2012 American romance film. Indiana Evans and Brenton Thwaites star in the film, which is based on the 1908 novel The Blue Lagoon and its previous film adaptations.
It was a major departure from previous Blue Lagoon films in several respects. The setting is contemporary, whereas the previous films were all set in the Victorian era; the lead characters were raised in normal society and are marooned as teenagers, rather than growing up on the island; the island the main characters are stranded on is in the Caribbean, whereas the previous films took place in the Pacific Ocean.
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  • Seeing this took me instantly back to my uni days - tucking into greasy chippy from Glasgow's Blue Lagoon at the end of a regretful night out. Absolute bliss

  • Of course, I outline that I haven't watched this film, but doubtless, the song is really great and like the especial kind of the art. It's too pretty to relax, listening to this song. And it would be wrong without mentioning that just KZworld has suggested me the video (it's so pleasantly and the ideal ability to have a rest).

  • I don't know why youtube suggested me this beautiful video early in the morning. Connected for my morning shift and I am a single guy. This song really turned my mood and lost my interest to work. This song is a distant dream 😍😏

  • Nothing to worry... Whole production team are with us behind 🤗❤️

    kanchan baskeykanchan baskey
  • This song takes me to a different world. Very calm and relax.

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  • I was in fourth grade when i heard this song for the first time. (2003)

  • Loved it

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  • Бесконечно вечная сказка 😍 для начинающих жизнь 🙏 Господи помилуй

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  • After watching this great video, I feel like I can get lost somewhere far away with such a partner, then life would be a very beautiful feeling.

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  • loved it

  • Этой песне 100 лет, но она актуальна и сейчас. Привет из 2022

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  • Эхх, какой прекрасный сон... Музыка flashback из детства! С любовью из России! За мир во всем мире 🥂

  • Класс! Красивый ролик, с удовольствием досмотрел до конца, хоть и некогда)

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  • I love this ❤️❤️❤️

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  • This is Paradise. Why the hell would anyone right SOS. It's crazy and lovely at the same time how the strangers become couple in 12 mins clip. Just lovely and passion at its best.

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  • This video shows everything which we guys in our late teens or even after that crave for but can never ever get to experience for real in our lives.

  • 학창시절 아름다운 상상을 하면서 들었던 노래네요.

  • Top demais

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  • I've lived on a tropical island all my life and I really wish life was this good haha.

  • Chuyến phiêu lưu của hai bạn ở đảo rất tuyệt vời ☺️