Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein Went to Prom Together | The Tonight Show

2021 ж. 15 Қыр.
109 911 Рет қаралды

Ben Platt talks about his photo-op with Lin-Manuel Miranda after winning his Tony, going to the prom with Beanie Feldstein in high school and the Dear Evan Hansen movie.

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Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein Went to Prom Together

  • If you relate to both Dear Evan Hansen and Sunday in the Park with George then you’re autistic. Sorry, I don’t make the rules

    Max AustinMax Austin3 күн бұрын
  • Lol, tell me you're Jewish without telling me you're Jewish, Barbara Streisand...👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Lauren BradenLauren BradenАй бұрын
  • "I never assumed this would happen"... um. Ok. From your other interviews and the fact that your father produced the film... kinda makes it look like you DO know it would happen lol

    Keelyn Hermansdorfer-MitchellKeelyn Hermansdorfer-MitchellАй бұрын
  • best actor I’ve seen ever- he literally made me believe it was a real story and that he actually went through all of those thingsss hue really put his heart in it 🥺

    kassh jahkassh jahАй бұрын
  • Love ❤ him, and wow, his rocking those 💅 nails

    Sue DaySue Day2 ай бұрын
  • beanie and ben are industry plants. that’s the only explanation for why things worked out so well for them lol

  • YAY! I'm seeing Ben Platt March 2nd in VA. Got the Reverie VIP experience for my BF and I. So excited. I'm a new fan but I will get caught up on his albums and interviews, etc. before then. He seems like a genuine and cool guy. Very talented and relatable. I very much connected to the film (never saw the musical or knew anything before this). Ahhh! I love him. He understands the pain and the resilience to shine through those tough experiences of the past.

    Andrew MAndrew M2 ай бұрын
  • Ben , your album Reverie 🤩 is divine 😘 You are in my ears all day every day! Scouring U Tube constantly for any new sightings (sigh ) of you!! Obsessed with all of you 🔥🔥😍😘

    Marilyn ElliottMarilyn Elliott2 ай бұрын
  • Saw the movie last night and it was fire 🔥!!!

    Roz BrittonRoz Britton2 ай бұрын
  • If I worked on the set of the DEH film, I too would cry after every song.

    ThoughtspressoThoughtspresso2 ай бұрын
  • God I love Ben Platt! I just want to sit, drink wine and chat with him. Such a cool guy.

    ADMurphyADMurphy2 ай бұрын
  • 3:38 Okay, let's admit, he is too old to play THAT role again! :-)

    LieziiLiezii2 ай бұрын
  • I'm so jealous of how pretty his nails are

    EssaEssa2 ай бұрын
  • Those red bottoms tho 😜

    Mariana GastelumMariana Gastelum2 ай бұрын
  • Not a good thing to put in a movie

    Justus LarimerJustus Larimer2 ай бұрын
  • Those boots are fabulous ❤️

    Crystal ChildCrystal Child2 ай бұрын
  • Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein are the real Will & Grace!!

    Joe KeegansJoe Keegans2 ай бұрын
  • I wonder if the actors sang live in the film..

    Laura KinnoinLaura Kinnoin2 ай бұрын
  • Congratulations Ben!🌠 Keep making a difference in so many ways! Thank you!

    John Edward JonesJohn Edward Jones2 ай бұрын
  • 1:16 Honestly that is so relatable. Wouldn't we all just instinctively walk into Lin's arms?

    Thea GoulasThea Goulas2 ай бұрын
  • Song gives me chills Every. Damn. Time. 🥺👏🤩

    M KM K2 ай бұрын
  • I love Ben 🥰

    Broadwayfangirl98Broadwayfangirl982 ай бұрын
  • That "YES BARBARA!" was so Noah Galvin 🥰🥰

    teruko arimoriteruko arimori2 ай бұрын
  • What a beautiful song from DEH....tears in my eyes....

    Beth BBeth B2 ай бұрын
  • Can't wait for Dear Evan Hansen. Too bad I never got to see the Broadway show. Hope it's good. He soft spoken.

    Geoffrey FeinbergGeoffrey Feinberg2 ай бұрын
  • Ben...shave the beard and cut the nails.

    hnc52hnc522 ай бұрын
    • No he looks great so shut up and let him do what he wants

      Emily BellEmily Bell2 ай бұрын
  • When did Ben Platt evolve into Lil Dickie

    Zack ReedZack Reed2 ай бұрын
  • 5:05 "It's so rare musicals get the privilege of becoming movies," yea thank goodness we only have Grease, Zoot Suit, Little Shop of Horrors (and a remake), Cry-Baby, Rocky Horror Picture Show, West Side Story (and a remake), In The Heights, Rent, Into the Woods, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Les Miserables, Cats, and an inevitable Wicked and Hamilton movie on the way to show for such a rarity in the industry. Not to mention dad being stable working Academy Award nominated Hollywood producer. Wouldn't it be more interesting if these sons of nepotism just embraced their privilege and made it part of their work?

    Chris CarmonaChris Carmona2 ай бұрын
    • The musicals you have mentioned are huge and have been shows for a long time so of course they were made into movies but there are a lot more musicals than those movies so 🤷‍♀️

      Emily BellEmily Bell2 ай бұрын
    • I’m sure a little nepotism has opened doors for Ben, but you can’t deny how talented he is.

      JoannC830JoannC8302 ай бұрын
    • sure, there’s lots of movie musicals, but compare the number of movie musicals compared to the total amount of musicals there are and have existed, and you’ll see that actually, it’s very rare when a broadway musical gets the chance of becoming a movie.

      Dana NeiraDana Neira2 ай бұрын
  • me to Jimmy's "mind blown" reaction at 2:20 "yea jimmy pretty wild that famous and wealthy family dynasties land the big opportunities they pushed hard for" lmao

    Chris CarmonaChris Carmona2 ай бұрын
    • It's not like he has no talent lol, he just also happens to be rich

      Gwyneth MoriGwyneth Mori2 ай бұрын
  • Obsessed with him😍

    Anna TouchstoneAnna Touchstone2 ай бұрын
  • Where's the hug?

    Lydia LunaLydia Luna2 ай бұрын
  • Ben really NAILS this interview.

    CelesteCeleste2 ай бұрын

    Halee LesterHalee Lester2 ай бұрын
  • Went to an advanced screening of the movie yesterday and it was AMAZING (and this is coming from someone who has seen the Broadway show 5 times). I think they did an amazing job bringing it to life on the big screen - even added more insight into things/touched on mental health more. Ben was phenomenal (as usual) and I personally don't think any one else could have played Evan. Definitely recommend it!!

    Joelle FilippiJoelle Filippi2 ай бұрын
    • It was way too long. He looks too old for the part. Some shows shouldn’t get adapted for the screen.

      Maria SegoviaMaria SegoviaАй бұрын
    • Yay, thank you so much for telling us! I love the musical so much, and I'm so excited for the movie. Ben is so brilliant, I'm thrilled to see his performance up close.

      Thea GoulasThea Goulas2 ай бұрын
  • You need to see the end of his performance, Ben and Jimmy hugged….tears in my eyes…faith of the humanity restored. 🌺🌹🌈💖

    Jo MontaneeJo Montanee2 ай бұрын
    • Wish they’d kept that in the video. Sigh…

      Kate RogersKate Rogers2 ай бұрын
  • lol 😆

    True Crime Queen TVTrue Crime Queen TV2 ай бұрын
  • 😍

    ClauqfClauqf2 ай бұрын
  • Darn it, Ben! Not "Wicked." LOL Someone asked him several months ago what he would do when Broadway reopened and he said that he was going to see every show possible. I was at reopening night of "Waitress" and I was like, "OMG! What if Ben shows up?!" He didn't. 🤷‍♀️

    KrisKris2 ай бұрын
  • Oh my god Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein are the real life Kurt and Rachel from glee

    Sarah AnnSarah Ann2 ай бұрын
    • But way more talented!

      Mark R.Mark R.2 ай бұрын
    • I see what you did there……GOOD ONE

      Marcos No sabe jugarMarcos No sabe jugar2 ай бұрын
    • Honestly that’s my favorite part of all of this. Also, caught an early screening of DEH, and Ben was incredible in it. The only thing the stage show has on the movie is the live performance energy of it all. But he was brilliant. I was ugly sobbing on more than one occasion, just deeply moved.

      Jay CeeJay Cee2 ай бұрын
    • OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT

      Tabatha de LacerdaTabatha de Lacerda2 ай бұрын
  • Excellent interview! Jimmy covered everything! And Ben, be still my heart, he just keeps getting more and more lovable. And I love HIS version of Waving. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Kate RogersKate Rogers2 ай бұрын
    • Jimmy is always so kind and proud of Ben.

      Jo MontaneeJo Montanee2 ай бұрын
  • Can we just appreciate his nails?

    Drew CatonDrew Caton2 ай бұрын
    • Yess!! I love when guys have nail polish on

      Shannon LaneShannon Lane2 ай бұрын
    • YESSS🔥🔥🔥

      hey im jameshey im james2 ай бұрын

      Antonina FrycaAntonina Fryca2 ай бұрын
  • Am I the only one who thought that was David Dobrik with a beard in the thumbnail?

    L O UL O U2 ай бұрын
    • Lil Dicky + David Dobrik

      Prestige WorldwidePrestige Worldwide2 ай бұрын
  • People viewing these comments wish their parents had been alive for more than years, God bless your family 🥰🙏👍😊❤

    أميرة الرقص.dancing princessأميرة الرقص.dancing princess2 ай бұрын
  • The Tony's, Beanie, New Music, the Movie, there is alot going on in this interview lol

    Greg XxoGreg Xxo2 ай бұрын

  • He looks like Lil Dickey 😂

    Vienna MareeVienna Maree2 ай бұрын
    • @Prestige Worldwide omg yes 😂😂

      Vienna MareeVienna Maree2 ай бұрын
    • Lil Dicky + David Dobrik

      Prestige WorldwidePrestige Worldwide2 ай бұрын
  • I saw DEH like a month into its Broadway run & I was like this needs to be on film. Shame I live in Australia & have to wait until December to see it in cinemas.

    JackieWarner13JackieWarner132 ай бұрын
    • opening night girly we'll be there

      Ally SheehanAlly Sheehan2 ай бұрын
  • Nice one jimmy and the Roots is legends!!!

    The Tonight Gaming-The Tonight Gaming-2 ай бұрын
  • " I wanna love you but I don't"

    rod axelrod axel2 ай бұрын
  • Why did I read the title as "Brad Pitt"

    Mahpeyker HatunMahpeyker Hatun2 ай бұрын
  • Nobody is worth stressing over. People come and go. Move on and go find yourself, the world is yours. Life goes on.

    Monky DollqueenMonky Dollqueen2 ай бұрын
  • He'll be good for a Trixie Mattel make up. 😍😍😍

    ctrlbybienctrlbybien2 ай бұрын
  • good video

    Marlin ThrowerMarlin Thrower2 ай бұрын
  • He is really the greatest! 🥰

    LMALMA2 ай бұрын
  • Wow❤️

    john philipjohn philip2 ай бұрын
  • I am all for those nails!!!

    shuranwanglotusshuranwanglotus2 ай бұрын
  • Ben Platt is such a sweet guy ❤️

    Ana Cláudia MascarenhasAna Cláudia Mascarenhas2 ай бұрын
  • Yes I love HIV Platt!!!

    Flordeliza CabadingFlordeliza Cabading2 ай бұрын
  • But?🥸who is the lil gal with NO

    Tanya K BordenTanya K Borden2 ай бұрын
  • The nails 💙💙💙💙

    Duffi Malik- StylesDuffi Malik- Styles2 ай бұрын
  • Literally looks younger here than in the DEH movie. That makeup/hair choice will forever confuse me…

    kachuncamiakachuncamia2 ай бұрын
    • Yes! It was so confusing for me

      Gia StamosGia Stamos2 ай бұрын
    • I don't get it either

      Greg XxoGreg Xxo2 ай бұрын
    • Yep yep

      Hannah PaxtonHannah Paxton2 ай бұрын
  • Kallen868Kallen8682 ай бұрын
  • Awesome

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner2 ай бұрын
  • I’m gonna need lots of tissues for DEH

    Kat CKat C2 ай бұрын
    • @Rae B. it was way too long.

      Maria SegoviaMaria SegoviaАй бұрын
    • The movie is a disappointment.

      Maria SegoviaMaria SegoviaАй бұрын
    • @Rae B. I’m already prepared for the sob fest. I will apologize to everyone in the theater with me

      Kim DeMastersKim DeMasters2 ай бұрын
    • I didn’t get to see it on Broadway so I was so grateful to get to see it for the first time on the big screen and sis I was SOBBING! Bring lots of tissues 😭

      Rae B.Rae B.2 ай бұрын
    • @Kim DeMasters Sameeee

      _Rat__Rat_2 ай бұрын
  • Jimmy Fallon ben platt and beanie FELd-stein prom together awesomeness job interview

    Derek's Ho corner 2013Derek's Ho corner 20132 ай бұрын
    • I need them 3 to be together in one night on Tonight Show!

      Jo MontaneeJo Montanee2 ай бұрын
    • Yup

      Eddie's RoomEddie's Room2 ай бұрын
  • Omg l am second

    Leandra GutierrezLeandra Gutierrez2 ай бұрын
  • Meow

    Gabriel RangelGabriel Rangel2 ай бұрын
  • I’m so ready for DEH

    EmmaEmma2 ай бұрын
  • Nice 👍

    キム・ジュンキム・ジュン2 ай бұрын
  • 14 sec ago

    Jungkook baby landJungkook baby land2 ай бұрын

    uncle flashuncle flash2 ай бұрын
  • 1

    Marya clara SilvaMarya clara Silva2 ай бұрын
  • I’ve been waiting here XD

    Songbird AnaliseSongbird Analise2 ай бұрын
  • Second

    Harshit VutukuruHarshit Vutukuru2 ай бұрын
  • Wow

  • 11sec agooo

    MuhsinaMuhsina2 ай бұрын
    • 2nd took me while to type so 2nd

      MuhsinaMuhsina2 ай бұрын
  • First

    NeckeyNeckey2 ай бұрын