ALL 6 Golden Buzzer Auditions From AGT 2022! | Popcorn

2022 ж. 24 Шіл.
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  • The first girl , Simon was spot on , the potential she has in her voice + the star value she already had , can't let that slip away 100% ! Great buzzer

    Thomas BenThomas Ben
  • The first girl has a unique voice. She's better than 90% if professional signers out now

    jason bellottijason bellotti
  • Love every minute of the sax performance....straight from the soul.....golden buzzer well deserved

    Omomeze MosesOmomeze Moses
  • The second girl just 11 gave me all the chills and goosebumps I can ever imagine... I love this show

    mark ikhanemark ikhane
  • Simon, you're making me cry so much and of course it's not really you. It's what you do. The talent, the entertainment, the support to some of these young people. This 11-year-old is amazing

  • Avery played that song straight from his heart and soul. Amazing!!!

    Kristin AliciaKristin Alicia
  • Avery you are amazing. Day Dream is too much of a big song, man it's massive stuff. Enjoyed everyone... the girls from Lebanon, the child from the audience... this is just mind bending. Thank you Simon, Terry and everyone. See you in 2023. That's what it's all about.

    Mrs. ChopesMrs. Chopes
  • The first girl to sing the Billie Eilish song lovely was actually really unexpected for her to sing it that GOOD.

  • The first girl got whole package she is beautiful has amazing confidence and an outstanding voice this girl is going to be a star one day

    AJs gaming cornerAJs gaming corner
  • Really hope Madison gets her dreams to become a singer, her voice is one in a million. had me in tears hearin about her dad and how she kept him going by singing. Best wishes and loves and prayers sent ur way kido hope u get more GOLDEN BUZZERS ♥♥♥

  • Singers like NightBird and Lily Meola are the singers that give you that breath of fresh air esp during a hard day.

    Alaisha PaulAlaisha Paul
  • Chapel Heart- I loved them! They're refreshing, so talented, and they're right- country doesn't always look like them--BUT IT SHOULD!!!

  • The second girl was phenomenal. I see no one talking about her in the comments so I decided to; at just 11 years the control she has over her voice is incredible! A well-deserved golden buzzer. All the best to her dad!

    Neha RastogiNeha Rastogi
  • I cried for every performance 😫🤍 so much talent in this world

  • Wow for sure!!!!! She’s the real deal and deserves a golden buzzer for sure!!!!!

    Ford MustangFord Mustang
  • Ja vi aqui varias vezes e todads vezes me emociono!😥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Mércia AlvesMércia Alves
  • Avery was my favorite. We all got our demons to deal with and he crushed his. EPIC! and If I was your neighbor hearing you practice I would make a glass of tea and sit on the front porch and listen every second. You gonna have to get with Terry and do a duo at the finale. God Speed!

    S KS K
  • I love her voice it's really perfect it sounds like the real song

    Chidindu AkonamChidindu Akonam
  • After Simon became a dad he started having a soft spot for kids and I'm here for it!


    The TruthThe Truth