7 Tasty Treats For Chocolate Lovers

2019 ж. 8 Қыр.
7 987 639 Рет қаралды

This one's for the chocoholics! Today we'll be showing you how to satisfy your sweet tooth with 7 tasty treats for chocolate lovers!

0:06 - Chocolate Mashmallow French Toast
1:23 - Chocolate Swirl Pie
3:00 - Chocolate Stuffed French Toast Muffins
3:46 - Chocolate Marble Cheesecake
6:30 - Chocolate Chip Cookie Trifle
7:44 - Cookies and Cream Zebra Roll
9:19 - Chocolate Mousse Brownies

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  • 0:06, Chocolate Marshmallow French Toast 1:24, Chocolate Swirl Pie 3:00, Chocolate Stuffed French Toast Muffins 3:46, Chocolate Marble Cheesecake 6:31, Chocolate Chip Cookie Trifle 7:45, Cookies And Cream Zebra Roll 9:19, Chocolate Mousse Brownies

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