[4K] I Want to do??? SNSD center???? A messy Shout In Silence (Turn On CC)

2022 ж. 1 Там.
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Sooyoung, I see.
You wanted to be the center...
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  • The development of Sooyoung in this game from enjoying Lucifer to yelling at SHINee to keep quiet 😂

    revelink nationrevelink nation
  • I think SNSD are true comedians right to their bones. Sooyoung is right. They are indeed the funniest girl group.

    Treadstone OperativeTreadstone Operative
  • The " hey shinee, be quiet " is really iconic.

    Jhelina HayreJhelina Hayre
  • Hyoyeon is so effortlessly funny. She knows nothing about her members' solo activities so she comes up with the weirdest explanations for them. If only she said "Seohyun, your drama", they would've gotten it. It also reminds me of when she was a guest on Amazing Saturday TWO DIFFERENT TIMES but couldn't guess BOTH of Taeyeon's songs LOL.

  • Why are Sooyoung and Yoona so extra, their facial expressions are to much lol. I don't understand a thing but still laughing my ass off.

    Tuba ArshadTuba Arshad
  • When Sooyoung and Yoona just can't stop dancing to SHINee even while they're explaining 😂

  • Sooyoung has really wanted to be the centre of SNSD since then. Hopefully she'll get a chance to be that on their 15th comeback this year. 🥺💗

    Luqhman HakimLuqhman Hakim
  • That's why we are worth to wait for their comeback. A superb variety skill that couldn't find in this generation. And the chemistry between each other is not a joke because they have been together for 15 years. They know each other for the best in the world like a lyrics of their song. That's proven!

    Rice MyeongRice Myeong
  • Hyoyeon, yuri, sooyoung, and yoona is really SNSD's frontliner when it comes to variety shows lmao

    NINGNING wonder petsNINGNING wonder pets
  • Yoona and Sooyoung are so extra. I can't stop laughing for 20 minutes straight omg the humor of this group is really on another level HAHAHA.

    Naefel LucesNaefel Luces
  • This is what I miss about older gens, the comedy was another level. Idk if they had more variety training or if they were just more open to showing their personalities, but it's non-stop gold content.

    TenJun FoxyTenJun Foxy
  • Taeyeon & Tiffany always had a very strong subconscious bond together to get 5 correct out of 8 answers. I like Sooyoung & Yoona facial expression the best. SNSD are the funniest group.

  • I crack up with hyoyeon, sooyoung, yoona and yuri. These dancing line so funny 🤣

    Sarah A.M.V.R ErhardSarah A.M.V.R Erhard
  • YoonYul's frustrated reactions look like they're filming a thriller drama I can't stop laughing adhshdjdsj

    revelink nationrevelink nation
  • Of course it reaches 1M, admit that you watch this more than once SONEs, because i do. I watch it daily and still laughing my ass off every time. XDD

    Allen's GreenroomAllen's Greenroom
  • Sooyoung and Yoona nearly killed me 🤣 Yoona's facial expressions and Sooyoung's fustrated face got me screaming laughing

    Ashley ChuAshley Chu
  • This was so funny loooool dying at yoona and sooyoung’s exchange where yoona was like “what you want the most” for 4K Fancam and sooyoung was like…”center” LMAOOOOO

  • YoonYulSoo laughing so hard during SeoHyo's turn made it even more funnier. Yuri and Yoona's laugh are contagious 😂😂😂😂

    HI HelloHI Hello
  • TaeNy showing their chemistry is no joke, that it never left. They finally aced a game together.

  • SooNa sharing a single brain cell.

    Girls GenerationGirls Generation