35 Hero Animals that Saved Human Lives

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  • My family's 2 dogs (Border Collies) just sat with me and comforted me when I came home from the hospital crying, watching my dad slowly die when I was 20. They knew I was in distress, and both simply nuzzled up to me on the back patio where I sat, for half an hour straight til I was Ok again. The bond between humans and dogs (and cats & horses, for sure) is almost metaphysical.

    Captain CapitalismCaptain Capitalism
  • The cat attacking the babysitter will never stop being funny to me. Ain't no one gonna hurt that cat's human! Even loud noises lol

    Rhiannon HulickRhiannon Hulick
  • Bud, a talking grey African parrot, helped solve his owner’s murderer, Marty Duram. After his ex-wife received the animal, she noticed Bud recited the accounts of the night Marty died. She filmed it and took it to the authority, who quickly pieced together the crime scene. It was Marty’s new wife, Glenna, who had shot her husband and then turned the gun on herself in a failed suicide attempt. Bud witnessed the incident and recounted their verbal exchange before the shooting happened.

  • Close where I live a stray dog saved a girl from be r*ped, she going to her house after her shift and suddenly a man attacked her, the dog didn't think twice and bite the man and follow him for a while after he escaped. Animals are truly amazing.

    Ethel SJEthel SJ
  • I stopped breathing from illness, and my 2 dogs rolled me onto my back. Then, amazingly, my female jumped on my chest and got me breathing again. I woke up to them standing over me. They had no such training. Animals are truly amazing. I love my beasties!!!

    Nancy AllenNancy Allen
  • The dog with the coyote wasn’t trying to save anyone but it’s self. The girl let go of the dog which left them completely alone to fight against it. That’s just the way I see things

  • I ran a large warehouse and was approached by a police officer from the K-9 unit. He asked if they could use the warehouse after hours to train 12 new dogs on our slippery surface. Of course my answer was "Yes, as long as I can be here and see it!" It was really enlightening. They had a person dress in protective dog attack gear go hide while each dog one by one went and got him. The poor guy was attacked at least 50 times that night. It was cut short when one dog bound over some boxes to pull this guy off a shelf 10 feet high. The poor guy broke his wrist. 4 of the dogs just couldn't handle the slippery floors and had to have more training. The rest moved on to the next level of training which I never saw.

    Paul HPaul H
  • My husband had a lab when we met. Initially, she would only listen to him but over time she became attached to me, as I was the one who fed her most often. To anyone who has had a lab, you know what this means. One day we were play fighting and he said “Get her” playfully. She ran between us, FACED HIM, and protected me. If we were walking and someone gave me the willies, it would be the only time her hackles went up. Dogs are hardwired to protect the pack and once they adopt you, from the biggest mastiff to the tiniest teacup, heaven help anyone who interferes with the food delivery system.

    Beauty and the BoatBeauty and the Boat
  • That cat that attacked the lady because he thought she did something to the baby was incredible

    Shay LuckyShay Lucky
  • The dog who was missing her nose actually made me cry. Animals are so beautiful and loving! All these stories are about how these animals without hesitation put there person first to protect them. Even humans don’t do that.

    Saturn is a planet Saturn is a planet
  • The respect you earned by simply pointing out that a video was staged and just an example of what the animal can do is why you've got a sub from me. Great content as well of course.

    J MoJ Mo
  • When I was a kid, my dog used to protect me against bullies in my neighborhood, and she would come and comfort me when I came home from school crying. She really was my very best friend! ❤️🥰 It's been 21 years now and I still miss her and think about her often. ❤️

    Tina Pippi DitlevsenTina Pippi Ditlevsen
  • These videos of the cats really showcases how they look out for their humans more than we realize. When I was pregnant, my cat would bring me human food. A bologna sandwich from a kid at the bus stop. Steak from somebody's house still in the butcher paper and frozen. Yea, I ate that. 😁 I think he thought the kid was his. Turns out he was a better provider than the dad was. 💞

    Julia ElrodJulia Elrod
  • Horses are amazingly loyal and protective. I had 2 men that stopped in their car and were verbally threatening me, as I was riding along the roadside. One of them tried to get out of the car and my mare swung around and kicked out at him so hard, that he shut his door and they took off.

    Titan DragonTitan Dragon
  • I have a service dog for low blood sugar alert. Whilst visiting my sister and her family, the 3-year-old was trying to go out an open door. My dog got between the child and the door and pushed him away, and then closed the door so he couldn’t try to go out again. What a good boy!

    Andie PoleAndie Pole
  • I had a somewhat intense situation once where I came across a toddler outdoors unsupervised (along a main road). As I was trying to communicate with her and figure out the situation, I noticed she had a medium-large sized dog right around the corner that was clearly staring me down. Thankfully, the girl's mother came FLYING out of her house in a panic and recovered the child. So I didn't need to try to approach the girl and get all bit up by the well-meaning dog lol

    Sitcom ChristianSitcom Christian
  • Had a Bassett Hound, was not yet fully diagnosed yet with seizures,narcolepsy & PTSD, my dog acted weird when I was leaving, so I took her with (little legs long walk) we were walking in my neighborhood when I collapsed. She sat with me not allowing anyone close till I woke up. When it happened in my home she was right by my side when I woke up. She actually acted strange when I was about to leave sometimes. That’s when my doctor said some animals can detect symptoms. I miss her every day, but she’s always watching me.

    Hot tub Time MachineHot tub Time Machine
  • My aunt and uncles dog has been trained as a police dog, but didn't 'graduate' (he was deemed too friendly) and was 'retired'. I lived with them for a year when I was a young teen, and was home alone one day after school. I was doing homework upstairs and I saw the dog suddenly get up (he was next to me) and rush downstairs. And then heard the front door open and my uncles voice. My uncle told me what happened on his end. He'd come home earlier than normal, and as he opened the door, he heard the dog growl, but the moment the dog realized who it was, he stopped growling and his tail wagged. My uncle was so surprised; this dog was the sweetest dog ever, and hardly even barked loudly, even though he was a German Shepherd.

    Rebecca HaywardRebecca Hayward
  • Who needs a babysitter when you have an attack cat 😂😂😂

    None ya businessNone ya business
  • My mom told me that when I was a baby, in Scotland, my best babysitters were my Nana's 2 cats. They would set me in my pram in the sunshine (I had jaundice) and the cats wouldn't leave me until it was time to go inside. One was in the pram with me, the other hid underneath. Nobody could get close to me except my mom and Nana, not even my dad.

    Jannice GJannice G