18 months HONDA SuperCub custom project riding on a sandy beach motorcycle

2021 ж. 5 Қар.
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One-year and half-year super cub custom project
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  • I might not like the type of bike, but the work you’ve done, the patience and skills you show, have all of my respect. Well done 👍🏼

    masieh mitramasieh mitra
  • Everyone is a critic but I enjoyed this video straight through from start to finish.

    Frank StetkaFrank Stetka
  • I'm glad I watched it all the through. Very good ideas & skills. Taking a year & a half to build it is what it takes sometimes. Thats why projects like this cost so much. The best part for me was the stand that doubled as the kick starter. That really caught me off guard.

  • Outstanding wish I had a shop as well equipped as yours. Excellent fabrication skills, making custom side covers and single springer fork adaptation, love the inlaid gauges in the gastank

    Greg CruzGreg Cruz28 күн бұрын
  • Que trabalho primoroso... Deus abençoe sempre e obrigado por compartilhar conosco sua moto boober. Valeu🇧🇷

    Em.2 SEm.2 S
  • Amazing build. I was screeching my teeth seeing all possible long term usability issues, awkward position, wood stump as a shifter to close to the handlebars, engine too low to the ground, chain oil dripping on the exhaust pipe etc.

    Anton Florian BaraAnton Florian Bara
  • You have great mechanical and fabricating abilities. I loved the moment when you put what turned out to be the kickstand on it. Wow. Awesome. Then you could really see the whole thing coming together. Great job!

  • Výborný nápad, perfektní provedení, co ještě dodat, jedině 👏👏👏👏👏.

    Ladislav RandulaLadislav Randula
  • Now I want to try riding the bike and see how long can I hold my self before my legs (eventually) start to cramp 😅

    Syafril AdhitamaSyafril Adhitama
  • Amazing build. styling and design are awesome. i love the gear change lever and hand crank kick start! Great job!!!

  • "Absolutely outstanding! Enjoyed every minute of the build!"

    Charles IrbyCharles Irby
  • Brilliant mechanic. Amazing bike shape. Perfect design. A real professional mechanic and artist too.

    Mike HewittMike Hewitt
  • 2 Years ago i was allready here for your first video ... I have to say i`m equally impressed . Absolute masterclass craftsmanship

    florian kleinertflorian kleinert
  • O que falta para vcs inventarem cara vcs já fez de tudo mano parabéns vcs e os caras ..!!!!!!

    Rene JuncalRene Juncal
  • Very nice finished bike. My only real issue was the breather cover you made at the end. It restricted air tremendously. Build a 200cc engine and that will be a beach cruzer.

    fish munkeyfish munkey
  • as a builder, I'm enjoying this.

    Jamal JamalJamal Jamal
  • Muito legal e criativo parabéns 🇧🇷👏👏👍

    ozias ideias criativasozias ideias criativas
  • Great video and job. Love the machining and the finish product was even better. Watching you fly across the beach in the end must of been so blissful, I envied you lol. Though your exhaust scares me being soon close to the ground. Hope that was just the point of view andvits not really that low. Awesome video and sweet ass bike.

  • Parabéns. Excelente trabalho.

    José Abrahão AbrahãoJosé Abrahão Abrahão
  • Só criatividade. Great project

    Luciano GazenLuciano Gazen