100 Interesting Animal Moments Caught On Camera

2022 ж. 2 Мау.
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Here is a compilation of new and old (best of) moments from all the videos previously postedon this channel.
What was the best moment? Let me know in the comments, I read them all.
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  • I hope whoever filmed the mother dog saving her puppies actually help the mommy and puppies with a warm place and a blanket

    Arthur LangArthur Lang
  • When that mother dog disciplined her pups they all backed right down!! So cute!!

    Mazie GMazie G
  • I never knew how strict mother dogs can be with their puppies. She handled that situation well. Impressive.

    Lisa NidogLisa Nidog21 күн бұрын
  • Thank you for great wildlife content! Glad seeing people make time for sculpting.

    GarboliGarboli14 күн бұрын
  • The bravery of that lady with the dogs fighting off the bear in her backyard is crazy! She just runs over and shoved it off the wall! The bear was not expecting that I’m sure!

    M DM D
  • For those that might not know even if your dog's not scared of an escalator you should always carry them because escalators are really dangerous for your pet.

    Raven AustinRaven Austin
  • The cat protecting the baby on the balcony!! 😊❤️

  • The German Shepherd howling along with the dogs in the movie was absolutely **PRICELESS**.

    Yanni CoxYanni Cox
  • That cat at

    J FJ F
  • The fox playing was absolutely adorable!

    Larry BarkerLarry Barker21 күн бұрын
  • The fox playing was absolutely adorable!! I love how they sounds they make when happy

    Mazie GMazie G
  • Whoever filmed that bear under the deck is an absolute FOOL to make a bear feel threatened that way.


    carolyn thorntoncarolyn thornton8 сағат бұрын
  • I am extremely a animal lover,and when I was watching the beginning of the video,it was so disturbing to me how 🤔 anyone could be so cruel to leave this beautiful puppy to fend for himself with maggots in his injuries. Thanks so very much for your kindness and love for this puppy,because he would have surly have not made it.thanks for showing me there's still compassion out there.

    Lewis VegaLewis Vega
  • Good grief, I’m Australian and those freaky Kangaroos would scare the life outta me 😬

    Marie StreetingMarie Streeting
  • With the bear on the fence it was not only the dog that was brave - but the woman remarkably - she loved her dogs!

    Kathryn BowenKathryn Bowen21 күн бұрын
  • I really enjoyed the majority of these! Thank you for posting. The only problem I have is people thinking it's funny to antagonize cats (or any animal for that matter) . It's also annoying to stand there and film a kitten with its claw stuck. It's not funny or cute, help it, don't film it. Most of these had me chuckling out loud. 😁

  • I love how the momma dog turns around and is like, "YOU HOOLIGANS KNOCK IT OFF! YOU'LL EAT DINNER WHEN I'M DONE COOKING IT!"

    Nicole KennedyNicole Kennedy
  • The bear has incredible balance

    World Famous FruitmanWorld Famous Fruitman

    Mukulu TuduMukulu Tudu