10 Chocolate Brownies, Cakes & Dessert Recipes

2021 ж. 24 Ақп.
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Treat yourself to the sweet treats we all love with these 10 delicious chocolate brownies, cakes and dessert recipes!

0:00 - Brownie & Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches
3:18 - Chocolate Strawberry Heart Shaped Donuts
6:51 - Caramelised Banana Chocolate Pancakes
9:42 - Chocolate Lemon Meringue Swiss Roll
14:04 - Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Log
18:04 - Sticky Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie
20:51 - Giant Creme Brulee Brownie
24:11 - Black Forest Gateaux Ice Box Cake
27:18 - Giant Cheesecake Ding Dong
31:04 - Black Forest Tiramasu

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  • Am Soo in love with your recipes. I am a fan of chocolate. Soooo since u use a lot of chocolates in your recipes. I am now your biggest fan ❤️🎀 t

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    • we've got loads of our recipes written out on our website here! twistedfood.co.uk/recipes

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